Guitar Free Downloads

Guitar Free Downloads including, Demos, Freeware, Shareware, and Donationware.

All geared towards enhancing your guitar playing and study.

Also included in the mix are MP3 files and MIDI backing tracks


Tablature editor designed for use on the Windows operating system.

Version Released September 24, 2000

Installs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Millennium platforms

Installs on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server platforms.

Free download

No limitations!

This is a well thought out, effective piece of software. It creates excellent images and is easy enough to use.



 Guitar Free Downloads CDex Audio Converter

CDex is an excellent and very popular application (Downloads: 2,502,084) that records audio tracks from CDs and saves them to a disk as regular WAV files or as encoded sound files such as MP3s.

Great for the home studio. No limitations! Recommended!

Very simple to use, it’s a simple point and click affair. MP3 files are TINY compared to .wav files and ideal for websites. UniGTR+++% is full of them. It’s the accepted industry standard and makes for perfect files for players too. There is no immediate difference in sound quality to the average listener.




Guitar Free Downloads Guitar Toolbar Guitar Toolbar is packed with 444 scale patterns and 84 mode patterns in all 12 keys. In the chord section there are 23 of the most common chords in all keys featuring different shapes and inversions. Includes Online guitar tuner.


Guitar Free Downloads Ear Guitar

Ear Guitar is a melody generator for ear training purposes.

You choose which notes you want to practice playing by ear.

It is excellent note recognition practice for musicians wishing to improve their ability to play by ear. Free download (there a some good downloads on this download page, have a look thru them).

No limitations!

UniGTR+++% Tip: Ear training is one of the most underrated systems used for guitar training these days due to the ‘Net and easy availability of tab and other online resources. A well trained musical ear sets out the men from the boys. As a general rule, if you want to excel on guitar and play interesting melodic lines, use ear training more than tab. That’s one of the best tips I believe for today’s generation of guitar playing wannabes.

Guitar Free Downloads Guitar Alchemist


Explore the modes and chords of the major scale in any key with this great looking guitar tool. Easily find the right chord voicings, filtering them by difficulty or inversion, and list all the modes you can play over. The fingerboard can be configured (Left handed players, background texture and other features).

No limitations! Recommended!


Guitar Free Downloads / Guitar/Music Wallpapers

  Guitar Freebies

Nice set of Classical Guitar related wallpapers..


Guitar Free Downloads / U2 Wallpapers

    U2 selections Irish mega-band wallpaper.

Interesting and Useful Guitar Sites

West Sussex Guitar Club UK

The Club was formed in 1993 by a group of classical guitar enthusiasts living in the Chichester and Bognor Regis area of West Sussex (UK). Since then it has pursued an active programme of club meetings interspersed with professional recitals of the highest quality. Membership is now drawn from all over West Sussex and neighboring counties and stands at around 140.

Guitar Free Downloads / Miscellaneous Backing Tracks / MP3 Site Audio Recordings / Midi Files

Dorian Demo Backing Track
Dorian Blue – Example Solo
Dorian Mode Lesson
Blues Jam Backing Track in A
Tonal-Center Blues – Example Solo
CMaj Pent Scale Backing Track
C Maj Pent Scale – Example Solo
Major Pentatonic Lesson

Guitar Free Downloads / MIDI Files

Classical Guitar Exactly that.

Top 75 MIDI’s Here’s an interesting collection of free midis of varying quality from Aha to Greenday. Midi files are great for using to practice your guitar parts/solos of songs. If you have a midi file editor you can take out any track you like such as the crummy sounding midi guitar and so on. They can also be used in a pro gigging set up as backing tracks. I use and recommend the industry standard Cubase for this work and it gives excellent results.


Find the Ultimate Guitar Learning Way

Well the next piece of software is just a free trial but, and this is a big BUT, I always recommend (and use daily) the following guitar learning tool, which is suitable for players at any level. It also suits any instrument too – now that’s powerful, and you won’t find a better way to learn some awesome guitar skills. Straight from the guitar masters themselves. It is in my opinion, ‘priceless’ as they say …