Guitar Players

Guitar Players who have made a mark on the musical universe. This is not by any means a complete collection but a few of my favorites who I think are excellent to learn certain styles from. I suggest budding guitar players take apart their CDs, and select songs to learn by EAR and Tab. And you will be well rewarded with some class guitar skills.

Guitar Players Supreme!

Gary Moore / His hard-rock 90s phase is demonstrated amazingly on this CD and video – see the man in action on the top of his form!
Allan Holdsworth Fusion/Jazz/?/Incredible – Tech guitar players player!
Pink Floyd – David Gilmour Tasty/Blues/Rock
Joe Satriani Modern/Technique/80s Innovator on …
Steve Vai Technique/Sense of Humor/Dedicated
Albert King Vintage US Blues/Blues Master Supreme
Vintage Fleetwood Mac Vintage British/ The Art of Less is More to a t!
Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Legend/Cool Texas Blues
Elvis Presley Sun Sessions – Scotty Moore The King/Excellent Scotty Moore on Electric Guitar
Beatles Experimental and wonderful/Legend
Uli Jon Roth Master of the Electric Sun style/Neo Innovator
Yngvie Malmsteen Harmonic Minor King/Neo Shredder Supreme (stay off the Blues Yngvie Pleese 🙂
Randy Rhoads/Serious Dedicated Innovator/Coming Soon …
Coldplay Tasty and sparse guitar and music style/Atmospheric Guitar Mini-Masterpieces in Action
U2 – The Edge The King of delay/Play with that Lump of Coal Dave Evans!
The Cure – Classic Goth Sounds from Rob… Classic 80s Goth style
Steve Morse Mix n’ Match Master
The Hellecasters – John Jorgenson, Will Ray, Jerry Donahue Absolutely Jaw Dropping Country
Albert Lee – coming soon
Thin Lizzy Classic Rock/My Faves
Jimi Hendrix The Boss/Jimi’s presence is still strongly felt and acknowledged by many world-class players today
Eric Johnson Multi-talented and Tone Crazy Master!
Eddie Van Halen Say n’more
Paco De Lucia Flamenco at it’s awe-inspiring best
Larry Carlton Jazzy from Elevator to ?