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A Common 4/4 Progression in C

A Common 4/4 Progression in C you'll find everywhere. This easy progression in the key of C is a good one to get beginners going. Also you can check out the UniGTR Basic Chord Families Ebook. Design to help you speed up the whole guitar chord learning process.

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Here's an easy progression to play in the key of C to get beginners going.

  • Each note name and / sign is a down-wards strum.
  • So a C / / /  = C 2 3 4 = strum, strum, strum, strum

C / / / > Dm / / / > Em > G / / / : > repeat

Use a plectrum or the side of your thumb for strumming.

In the beginning count as you go along = C234, change 234, change 234, change 234...repeat.

With practice you can make things a lot more interesting. Spend a few days absorbing this family, write it down, play it and memorize it, with and without guitar in hand for speedy results.

Another help is to find a few songs in a good songbook and see which ones are in the key of C. Pick one in C that you have on record and play along with it if you can.

Some progressions to try would be some of the following which you're sure to recognize.

  • C F G
  • C Am F G
  • C G F G
  • C Em Am G

Here's an e-book I've produced which can give you a solid background in all the essential chord families and more. Some the subjects covered in this e-book are:
  • THE huge aid to memorization
  • The building blocks which you can build mountains on!
  • Learn the key on which to build a good grounding.
  • Meet a super friend to your playing, or a progress-hindering enemy!
  • How to multiply your Guitar Chord options and increase your sound possibilities immensely.
  • Right Hand Rhythm Counting

If you're interested in learning chord basics check out the following UniGTR+ offering in this department.

Basic Chord Families, Play 1000s of Songs With These Chords ...


This 36 page color e-book with guitar chord diagrams, shows you the necessary chord groups needed to cover simply TONS of popular songs in all keys.

These basic families turn up in music time and time again, and once learned and absorbed will do you for life! Knowing how they are related and used together is the key, and it's shown and explained here very clearly.

With these families under your belt you'll be able to cover 1,000s of songs! Written by the UniGTR+ Center Web Master and backed by 25 years guitar playing/musicial experience.


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This book is at a special introductory low price at the moment, only $14.95. This info can make all the difference in your guitar playing - do you want to become become a dependable, respected player who knows his stuff? Get off on the right track now with ...

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If you would like to send me a comment, question or suggestion about this e-book or any related topic, please feel free to Email Me, the address is on my profile page, thanx. - glad to help :)!





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