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Online Guitar Lesson - Rock Guitar Leads

Online Guitar Lesson - check out this fine lead guitar course which covers lots of ground you'll need to come up with cool solos. It's not flash stuff but essential things a potential players needs to know and can build on. The sky is the limit when you know and can play this material well. Even modern players use and need these techniques, but they build and add to them with the likes of arpeggios and more advanced tech stuff like that. Read on for more on this solid principle ...

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A good course which does a great job of teaching essential techniques which every lead guitar player needs and uses. The accompanying sound tracks are quality and the tone is pro. The software and method used to teach is second to none! What you can do with these techniques has no limit in itself, but used as foundations for more complex stuff they are excellent.

Put together by a professional player of some notable experience and very well researched and presented. This course covers the essential techniques you need to play effective lead guitar. From Van Halen, Vai and Malmsteen to Eric Johnson and Gary Moore, they have these techniques down to a tee. You must know this stuff to play quality lead guitar - it's the very foundations of good, solid and exciting lead guitar solos.

Too many times today you hear players on the Net who do not have this material under their belts. They try to play stuff that is way too advanced for them, without first having certain essentials under their belts. And it sounds awful. This course demonstrates THE tried and tested methods that work!

Here's some of what's on offer - includes some extremely useful freebies too.

Guitar Leads Course 

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Save Years of Study and Practice

The Guitar Leads Course is the culmination of over 30 years of experience. Distilled down to the essentials, it will teach you only what you need to know--no wasting your time with music theory and other things you don't need.

Though designed for guitar players with some level of proficiency, the Guitar Leads Course was assembled in such a way to enable even beginners, to begin playing leads immediately.



When you hear a lead, you will hear EXACTLY what the solos and leads should sound like as you are learning them. But there's more. You can play these audio leads either at full speed or half speed - in other words you can choose to learn these leads at a slower speed until you are ready to speed it up. And even these half speed leads are in the same key as the normal speed. UniGTR+++% Note: This is the absolute best way to learn guitar leads, no competition!

Plus to strengthen this already powerful method ...

You also get complete and authentic tablature for each lead, personally tabbed by the author <<< UniGTR+++% Note: This is PROFESSIONAL AUTHENTIC TAB - not half-learned/written stuff that will IMPEDE your progress on the instrument - a vital addition to the method.

Tab is a seriously strong builder of technique tool when used ALONGSIDE audio training - NOT INSTEAD of it! Take that as one of the most important statements ever made in guitar land :)!

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  • The courses feature ACCURATE written tab for each solo as shown in the Flash screenshot image above.
  • HALF-SPEED-SAME-PITCH-AUDIO TECHNOLOGY (HSSP) Slow the audio down to half speed in the same key!
  • Looping technology that allows you to loop it or play it continuously until you choose to stop it (PAEL)
  • Genuine Professional Audio Samples - NOT Midi.( I am a big MIDI fan but this is NOT it's rightful place).
  • Quality Flash lesson presentations - just a quick note on that: Flash players are standard on most modern PCs or simply download the latest free version. It's always free and it's a well established industry standard.

Is that Carlos Santana I see up there? Well on that note here's a typical Santana type solo which uses many of the techniques shown in this course. From the humble Hammer-on to the rake and sweep, to the mighty Fly-Picking Wah Lick thingy ... take it away UniGTR+++% >>> A Touch of Santana +

Sum It Up!

Here, in this course, you will find the most important segments of tunes directed towards those players of beginning and intermediate skill playing capabilities. (Notice that there are no solos by Eric Johnson, Van Halen, George Benson or Frank Gambale. These are master lead soloists whose leads are attempted only by the very accomplished soloist). BUT, to open the door to these masters, you must walk through the Rock and Roll lead portal designed here for you.

Here's the latest in from Guitar Leads:

We've **SUPERCHARGED** The Bonuses ...


We have supercharged the bonus package mentioned on the home page by providing you with additional unadvertised discounts and bonuses that accelerate with the number of volumes you purchase.




Take a look at these amazing bonus packages. Extra bonuses based upon your selections.

  • One Volume Purchase Fundamentals Guitar Course/How To Read Tabs Guide/ How To Start A Band Guide
  • Two Volume Purchase Eight Addition Rock/Blues Practice Riffs
  • Three Volume Purchase Autoplayer Guitar Software Acoustic Guitar Jazz Guitar Bass Guitar
  • Four Volume Purchase $10 Gift Certificate at our New Guitar Lessons Site
  • Five Volume Purchase An Additional 10% Discount


Recommended by UniGTR+ for Beginners up to Early Intermediate Players. The half-speed/same key is a total winner (great for ear training), and Teacher has 30 years experience! You need tab reading skills to use this course - nothing fancy just basic tab. There is a bonus available in this department which is provided called The How To Read Tabs Guide.
Don't expect to become Yngvie Malmsteen overnight with this course (in fact don't expect that from ANY course). It is totally geared towards learning essential evergreen techniques through the dissection of the recognized masters works, and demonstrates these very well. It doesn't give a mountain of info to learn, but rather shows you select info and how to play it properly in bitesize chunks.
These are solid lead guitar foundations and techniques you can build on with confidence. Artist styles shown include many classic pieces by recognized artists such as such as Led Zeppelin/Page, Santana, Dire Straits/ Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Garth Brookes Country Style and a host of others.
If you can play the stuff in these courses well, you will be a solid player with strong foundations. Where you go from there is up to you.
This is indeed a popular course here at UniGTR+++% and is strongly tipped in this field. Click here to get more info at the Guitar Leads Web Site
If you want to see a typical example of the standard of this course, check out this free lesson with tab available from the site.





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