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MIDI Guitars: MIDI, or to give it it's full title Musical Instrument Digital Interface once belonged purely to the realm of keyboard players - but not these days. So what is MIDI exactly, and how can we use it in a Guitar set-up? Simply put, it's a way of controlling and playing the sounds of one instrument (or sound module), but using another playing instrument to drive it. For example, you play a Guitar with a Midi equipped set-up but make it sound like a Church Organ.

With a PC Software Sequencer program, you can record various program or sound settings from your music equipment just like real notes. Press playback and the track will make these parameter changes automatically on your Music gear as it moves thru the track (if everything is set up correctly - it's easy enough). These can include delay effects, standard or specialized panning effects, timed delays, non-tempo related delays and echos, tremolo and vibrato length and depth, and many more.

A MIDI Guitar FX + Processor will allow you to play much more than just the usual suspects in the effects department. You could sound like a Piano, a Train, Saxophone, even Drums and Percussion - you name it, it's possible. And a  big plus is that MIDI is powerful in a live setup as-well as in the studio. Plus, presets which are ready to use off the shelf are programmed by pros and sound great as is. Some may need fine tuning to suit certain songs, and with an understanding of MIDI this is all possible. And that's just scratching the surface of what MIDI can do for a guitar player's sound.

In the home studio MIDI is almost a basic necessity these days, but you can also use it to control many aspects of your gigging set-up too, and on the fly. Powerful is an understatement when it comes to MIDI and the studio!

But there are certain things you need to learn if you would like to get the most from using this powerful medium, such as:

  • What MIDI controllers can do for you and which are the vital ones to know. There are over a 100 but 5 in particular are crucial.
  • How to best approach MIDI programming and use the experience to improve your guitar playing - this can be a drastic improvement in many cases!
  • The most common problem in MIDI guitar setups and how to easily correct it forever.
  • Which MIDI units professional guitar players are using and why.

The sonic doors MIDI opens are vast, and it is truly an awesome addition to any guitar players arsenal.

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