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Guitar Amplifiers + Resources Guide

Guitar Amplifiers Recommendations and Tips The Guitar Amp is just as important as any other link in your sound-chain. Many players spend a fortune on guitars and effects and cut corners on the Amplifier itself - All Pros agree... Big Mistake If You Want Mega Tone!

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  • By the way, you'll find the term "Industry Standard" a lot, but it does convey the quality of a Guitar Amplifier or piece musical equipment, if professionals in the field use these products for years on end - that's our theory anyway and we're a schtickin' to it as they say ;-).
  • These guitar amplifiers and all musical gear for that matter have to earn their place to be listed as such, and make it into any UniGTR+++% guide. Hope you find some useful and interesting info.

Guitar Amplifiers - Peavey Classic

My main Guitar amplifier for about 10 years now has been a Peavey Classic 50w 4x12 and it's still going strong. I've dragged it halfway around the world, and it's never let me down once.

It's the perfect Clean/Dirty Amp for me and quite versatile. Here's a quick listen to some Bluesy settings from this workhorse Peavey Classic - Demo

Peavey Classic 50/212 Tube Combo Amp Black

Peavey Classic 50/212 Tube Combo Amp Black

Peavey Classic Specs + Tips

  • Guitar Amplifier - Channels 2 Channel Dirty and Clean - footswitchable.
  • Guitar Amplifier - Tubes Good grungy, ALL Tube adjustable overdrive.
  • Guitar Amplifier - Reverb Good useable spring reverb (footswitchable) and basic tone controls.
  • Guitar Amplifier - PV Classic It's 'eavy (32 Kilo).
  • Guitar Amplifier - PV Classic I find it's a fantastic guitar amp all-rounder for gigging and recording altho' there's no line-out but I think it's best to mic it up anyway - try an SM58 for top results.
  • Guitar Amplifier Tips Many modern Guitar amplifiers have a line out - Handy for recording/straight to desk.
  • Guitar Amplifier Tips You can add another speaker in series with the Classic, but watch out my friend, It's LOUD!

Fender Tube Combo Warmth

A tube-driven, 3-channel combo, with a multitude of modern features. This is a very popular amp with Blues players and for good reason. It's up to Fender's usual quality standards and sounds absolutely class.

Fender Blonde Hot Rod Deluxe Blonde

Fender Blonde Hot Rod Deluxe Blonde

If I didn't have me Peavey Classic I'd go for one of these.

  • Guitar Amplifier Gigging Tip Place your carefully angled guitar amp up higher when your gigging on stage, by raising it up with a beer or orange crate or something similar. This brings the sound more in line with your ear and lets you get to the controls quicker. Helps you to get your onstage volume right which is a BIG professional attitude to have.
  • Gigging Tip I used to carry one around to gigs with me - got some strange looks but hey! If you want to get fancy use a proper amp stand or spray your crate fluorescent P!nk.


Powerful Stack System used throughout the Rock/Grunge/Heavy Industry. You'll see these being used everywhere including - from Slash to Gary Moore, Metal to Top of the Pops.






Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack Package

Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412


  • Stack Pros and Cons Powerful system and design, suitable for loud styles.
  • Stack Pros and Cons Valve driven Pre- and Power Amp Stages.
  • Stack Pros and Cons Slanted cab lets you hear your stage signal easy with quick access to controls.
  • Stack Pros and Cons Not as handy as a combo to move and carry around, need 2 people for stairs and so on.
  • Stack Pros and Cons Reliable design - easy access to tubes and parts.








Fender Twin Amp 100-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amp

Fender Twin Amp 100-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amp


AMERICAN Guitar Amplifier Legend! - FENDER - Twin Reverb:

Footswitchable Channels - vintage clean, slightly dirty and distortion are all available. 2x 12 100w.

Once again, legendary status for this all in one Combo.

100% tube signal path running 100 huge watts. Classic FenderŪ tone with tube reverb and tremolo.




CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray, Contact Cleaner / Rejuvenator, 5 oz.

CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray


Servicing Tips

  • Servicing Tips NEVER service electrical gear yourself unless you are completely sure of what you are doing! Guitar Amplifiers for example can carry LETHAL voltages even with the power supply switched off.
  • Servicing Tips For general servicing use the correct Electronic Lubricant for potentiometers (volume pots,etc.) This is crucial emergency stuff to have handy at a gig - Read the instructions first for best applications and safety issues.
  • WARNING - NEVER use an oil-based lubricant such as WD40 on your Guitar Amp or Music Electronic/Gear. It will electrically short out whatever it touches. Great for cars, but completely destroys circuit boards. Use a special-purpose Electronic Contact-Cleaner to keep away the crackles and noise.

<<< Here's the correct type...

  • Servicing Tips Carry a tin of this spray above or similar with you at gigs and rehearsals and the like. You know when the TV volume jumps up and down or is crackly and noisy sometimes, well the same thing happens with all Guitar Amplifiers/Music Gear volume and eq controls, or pots as they are known in the biz - short for potentiometers. It is vital to ensure that you use the correct spray.



Warning: Using the wrong spray can immediately and permanently destroy your amp! Do NOT use a car spray like WD40 or similar, this will short out the amp electronics forever. Use the correct one and it's never a problem.



Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amp

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amp


Here's a real favorite amongst the Goatee Beard types ;-). It's also great for playing Pop stuff and the built in Chorus is famous. Great clean sounds, I'm not a fan of the Overdrive myself but it's good and certainly usable at a gig - depends on your taste too.

2 independent 60W amps, 2 input channels (Normal and Effects) with 3-band EQ for each, and a pair of 12" speakers. Effects include reverb, distortion, adjustable vibrato, and true stereo chorus. Distortion, reverb, and chorus are footswitchable.




Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp

Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp



This image is almost as big as the real thing! Hee-hee.

Powered by a 9 volt battery, try recording one of these for a huge recorded sound.

Great fun Guitar-Amp but also very useful for recording, practice, busking, tuning and so on.

Even has a headphone jack.




Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Preamp Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Preamp



I'll do a special on guitar recording soon, but here's a few basic methods to keep you going.
  • Recording the Guitar Mic straight up to the Guitar Amplifier - try a Shure SM58 Mic - great for overdriven tracks and vocals of course, an industry standard.
  • Recording the Guitar Go direct (D.I.) - basically plug straight into the recording console - don't overload the channel by turning the recording volume too high. Start with all faders down before you plug into the console, then turn your guitar volume up full and then gradually raise the faders carefully monitoring the signal - Very clean and compressed sound. Try the excellent tech 21 guitar recording emulator pedal. I use this companies gear and I found it's cool - also has a great reputation.



  • Recording the Guitar You could record thru a Guitar Effects Processor which has a Line-Out Match. See or Guitar Effects Guide
  • Recording the Guitar Use a special guitar recording box. Recording the Guitar is a thorny subject which is too detailed to go into here, but I use and recommend the Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Preamp to record the Guitar (and Bass). It's an Industry Standard and has different settings emulating famous Guitar Amplifiers.

Guitar Amplifier Resources

Here's a Guitar Amplifiers Bible The Tube Amp Book - from the Groove Tubes stable.

Coming Soon - Mesa Boogie Amps and Valves Guide!

Ok that's all for now gotta go and practice -





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