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Guitar Lesson Blues

Guitar Lesson Blues and how to lose 'em! Check out this cool "Exploring The Pentatonic" guitar lesson video. Excellent presentation and teacher - credits to the author (check out his site listed in the video it's the biz!).

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Guitar Lesson Blues Video - Beginner+ Level - This lesson shows you ways to move forwards with the basic but essential Minor Pentatonic Blues/Rock scale. The Minor Pentatonic scale is a staple scale which every soloing guitar players uses to a degree. It's a real building block foundation for creating great solos on the guitar.






Beginners Guitar Lesson 14 - Exploring The Pentatonic

This video is aimed at beginner+ level and contains some great info and tips for users of this vital to know guitar soloing scale.




Guitar Lesson Blues - subjects covered in this video include:
  • Expanding on the basic Pentatonic Minor scale with down, up and alternate picking strokes
  • Making the scale sound more musical and less scaler
  • Changing picking directions - the 1st steps you need to know
  • How to play Pentatonic Scale sequences - get these off and you'll be blazing!
  • How to create variatons on the basic Minor Pentatonic scale
  • How to play the scale in 3rds
  • Getting ready for improvising on the Minor Pentatonic scale

This Guitar Lesson Blues Video is up to the authors usual high standards, with good clear examples and references.

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