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Gibson Guitars

Gibson Guitars - Here's the Big Guns. As mentioned in our Electric Guitars Guide, many Gibsons are tried and trusted instruments used worldwide by countless players and Pros. Not the cheapest compared to some guitars, but certainly in this case you pay for what you get. A well deserved place in the guitar world of Industry Standards.

Certainly worth serious consideration if you want a big sound.

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Gibson Guitars - Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul is known throughout guitar history as having excellent sustain and fast playability. Its often called The Fretless Wonder! Entry level Gibsons are a good place to start and get the feel of one of these instruments over time - maybe until you decide to go the whole hog or save up for a flagship model.

  • Gibson Guitars Tips A brilliant design which has stood the test of time - first appeared on the scene in 1952.
  • Gibson Guitars Tips Particularly noted for it's excellent speed and Sustainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ;-).
  • Gibson Guitars Tips Excellent for a Grungy/Rocky style.
  • Gibson Guitars Tips Humbucker Pickups are powerful at any level. Also a big favorite with many Blues players old and new - legendary tones.
  • Gibson Guitars Tips As previously mentioned they are heavy to hold up for the night, but you get used to it.

    Gibson Les Paul Entry Level Guitar


Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Electric Guitar with Humbuckers Worn Cherry Chrome Hardware

Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Electric Guitar with Humbuckers Worn Cherry Chrome Hardware

The Gibson Les Paul Special Faded Electric Guitar gives you a 490R alnico magnet humbucker at the neck and a 498T at the bridge for a hot jolt of huge tone while the classic mahogany body, chrome hardware, and fabulous finishes dish out great looks. The 1960 slim taper neck with rosewood 22-fret fingerboard is a joy to play. Includes Gibson gig bag.

Gibson Guitars - Les Paul Classic Guitar

In 1956, Gibson came out with a model to rock the world - the legendary Gibson Les Paul Custom itself.  Billed as The Fretless Wonder! As used by Les Paul, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Slash,Eric Clapton, Zakk Wilde ...


Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Electric Guitar Antique Ebony

Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Electric Guitar Antique Ebony

The Les Paul Classic Custom draws on the legendary Black Beauty Les Pauls of the past. With a beautiful ebony finish and fingerboard, single-bound mahogany body, gold hardware, and new, gold-appointed '57 Classic humbuckers with "Patent Applied For" tone, the Classic Custom looks as amazing as it sounds. An affordable, vintage-styled Les Paul for today's players.

Gibson Guitars - Gibson Flying V

A la Bluesmaster Albert King and German Rocker Michael Schenker.

  • Flying V Tips Unique design makes any guitar player stand out onstage.
  • Flying V Tips Powerful Humbucker pickups.
  • Flying V Tips Very stable tuning.
  • Flying V Tips Guitar Player and musician extraordinaire Rhandy Rhoads had a Polka Dotted Jackson Flying V - it looked and sounded amazing in this master's hands - a true guitar legend.


Gibson Faded Flying V Worn Cherry

Gibson Faded Flying V Worn Cherry

The Gibson Faded Flying V was born to rock. When the original V came out in '58, it was ahead of its time. When it was reissued 9 years later, it became a favorite of progressive rockers and still is to this day. This Faded Flying V has all the features and specs of the '67 model and the look of a guitar that has been loved and cared for since those early days.

Worth a look for image and stage presence alone, but also sounds brilliant. Generally used in Rocky music. Not as popular as the Les Paul but well worth checking out.

Gibson Guitars The SG

Good for churning out Iommi style heavy riffs - try the Sabs first album Black Sabbath A cool guitar for rocky blues too as used by Carlos Santana.

  • SG Features Heavy to hear but not to hold.
  • SG Features Fast playing action.
  • Did U Know? Carlos Santana used this guitar to great effect in his early days.
  • Started life back in the 60's ...


Gibson SG Special Faded 3 Pickup Electric Guitar Worn White

Gibson SG Special Faded 3 Pickup Electric Guitar Worn White

Save BIG when you buy today!

Gibson Guitars The Explorer

An unusual choice for some including a certain The Edge - aka Dave Evans ;-)... circa 1983 - War. Looks and sounds unique.


Gibson Explorer Pro Electric Guitar Natural

Gibson Explorer Pro Electric Guitar Natural

Taking tone and attitude to new extremes, the Gibson Explorer Pro is perfectly attuned to the technical demands and punishing intensity of today's hard rock and heavy metal. Based on Gibson's legendary Explorer, the Explorer Pro is updated with a smaller, lightweight mahogany body and crushingly powerful 496R and 500T humbuckers. The Explorer Pro sports a natural finish with antique binding. With flashy looks and killer sound, the Explorer Pro is destined to rewrite the rules of rock 'n' roll. Manufactured in Nashville, TN.

Gibson Guitars - The Firebird

If you like unusual shaped guitars check out the Gibson Firebird - As used by Blues guitar trooper Johnny Winter. He plays mostly slide on it. "The Bird" was also used by Eric Clapton and the story goes that Alenn Collins used one on Skynard's Freebird Solos. A beautiful guitar with a totally unique look and sound.


Gibson Firebird Studio Guitar Cherry Gold Hardware

Gibson Firebird Studio Guitar Cherry Gold Hardware

The Gibson Firebird Studio Guitar has the classic reverse-shape body, but with a conventional set neck, mini-Grover tuners on the side of the headstock, a tapered body, and the traditional Gibson dual-humbucker sound. Mahogany body and neck. Its studio finish and simpler hardware retain Gibson's high-quality sound and feel. This Firebird Electric Guitar package includes a black reptile pattern custom hardshell case with dark grey plush interior, black shroud, and silkscreened silver Gibson USA logo.

Electric Guitar Strings

Here's the strings I use and recommend but if I'm stuck I'll use anything. Ernie Ball strings are a standard among guitar players from beginner to pro - always a good quality sign. Personally I tend to get about 3 gigs out of the treble strings and 6 gigs out of the bass ones before they start breaking -  the acid from my hands eats 'em up unfortunately. But I know a few players who gig them for a lot longer than that and never seem to break them. If I'm not gigging they can last for months as long as I keep them clean and the bridge saddles are on good condition.

Some players change (and stretch) them before every gig, some leave them on forever.

  • Beginner's Gigging Tip Don't forget, keep spares at the gig.
  • Gigging Tips If you find that your suddenly breaking strings a lot more than usual down at the bridge end of things during gigs, it might be worn bridge-saddles causing the problem. Get a guitar tech or knowledgeable friend to check them out.

Ernie Ball Strings width=100 height=101 Ernie Ball 3223 Nickel Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack

Gauges 9-11-16-24w-32-42. Nickels are the most popular of the Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings. They're made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire. They produce a well-balanced all-around good sound. Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance, and long life. Ernie Ball is the pioneer of rock and roll guitar strings. Setting the standard for the industry has enabled Slinky electric guitar strings to become the world's top selling brand. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, and Slash are among the long list of Slinky players.





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