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Guitar Players - Work From Home

Guitar players - work from home options these days are plenty. Earn income as an online sideline while your getting the band promoted or learning your instrument. Get it right and you can learn and progress without having to hit the 9 to 5 scene which can eat up a lot of time and interfere greatly with the learning process. But you must be prepared to work at it - it's not just a matter of bunging up a few pages online or signing up to an affiliate program and raking it in overnight.

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Guitar Players, Musician + PC Work From Home Opportunities
Guitar Players, Musicians and Home Computer Users - Interested in using your PC to create and build an online presence? The powers of Tunnel Vision and dedication needed to play an instrument can be utilized here to great effect. But these plans are geared towards anybody who's willing to follow thru. Now is a great time to get started online for webmasters ... "The Times They are A' Changin' " as Bob Dylan once put it - in the online game a truer word was never said.

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Build something that you are proud of and which provides plenty of useful information on your chosen subject, and your half-way there as they say. Offer up a service to surfers interested in the field and even become a recognized online expert in whatever category your strongest in.

Another positive fact for potential webmasters is that the Internet and Home Computer are relatively new concepts and still in their infancy, but the main infrastructure is already there and thriving. Stat's prove that more and more people are starting up their own successful online promotions every day, and the amount of people surfing daily (potential customers for biz heads) is growing at an alarming rate.
Latest figure in is around 600,000,000+ people surfing online at the moment - yup that's 600 million plus!
Here's a few of the best online ideas I've found over the year on the Internet. These plans can be done full or part time and without wanting to sound corny or cliched, they can change your life. I'm a firm believer in this but of course it's up to each and every individual to make a go of it.
I've avoided anything I would consider to be in the "Get Rich Overnight" category and not based on a solid plan - I don't believe in them. My philosophy on this would be something like: Zero Input = Zero Output... no matter how big the multiplier you still arrive at a big fat 0. But if your willing to play the game properly, you won't find these methods lacking in the opportunity you seek.
Of course to make any plan successful you need to be motivated, because a genuine, profitable project/business takes work. And that's where you come in ;-). You have the option to invest from zero dollars upwards and it cost's nowt to look - which is very important in V-World these days.
I hope you find them as interesting and informative as I do, and who knows what lies ahead - the future can be controlled... One of my fave authors Napoleon Hill put it so eloquently...
  • The Rules ;-).
  • 5-Pillar Club - Top web based affiliates - very big player in the online world and getting stronger. Staggering amount of free tools and downloads.
  • Creative Department Free email course spills the proverbial beans.
  • SBI One of the biggest and most efficient "hosts" in the game - read the story and reviews. This site got into the Alexa top 2% using it, in just a few months - not bad for a first site I think.
  • Search Engine Stompers - These guys are "good"...
  • The Amazing Marlon Sanders - Top online entrepreneur shares many marketing tips and strategies.
  • The Original and the Best? To find out more about the famous online presence of Mr. Corey R - he's exciting to say the least.
  • Dive Straight In
  • Absolutely Top Quality Make Money Programs Cream of the Crop! There's a ton out there but not all are up to the UniGTR+ plus standard - here's a small selection of the best.

Global Work width=30 height=30 All Guitar Players/Musicians/PC Users Work From Home Plans below are accessible globally. You can submit to these from anywhere in the world, which is not always the case I've found.

  • If you don't know what an Continuous Incoming Residual Income is, well your not alone - I certainly didn't know what it meant when I first came across it. But it's a fascinating subject I've learned to love.  
  • Being crazy about computers for a few years now and constantly striving to improve on this helps matters, but these plans are aimed at all PC user levels anyway. The Newbies are the one's to look out for ;-).

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Guitar Players, Musicians and PC Users Special - Online Ideas

The Rules ;-)

  • You'll need to provide your knowledge in a chosen subject and something else which must be weighed up in the equation - time. Bit like Mastermind eh?

I think it's a fascinating game, and I wish you the best of virtual luck...

Guitar Players and Musicians Affiliates Plans

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Our first Guitar Players and Musicians Work From Home Special is all about the world of Affiliates.

  • Beginner's Affiliates Affiliate Selling is all about e-selling other company's goods. From toddler's toys to TVs, flights to sunny Spain or books, cars, fashion...ANY biz or service. :-)
  • For example you put up an information site about a chosen subject which has links to other people's products. You choose which online products to promote (these affiliate products are usually associated with your site's content). When you sell a product thru one of your links the company pays you a commission.
  • This is just a simplified version of what's possible and just a tiny example of what you can do online.
  • Affiliate programs also enable an already established business to turn a local biz into a global concern. This is very useful and interesting stuff if your in the retail and/or service provider game.

To find out the affiliate nitty-grittys try the 5-Pillar Club where you can have a look around and see what the fuss is all about. I think (along with many others), that they're easily the best out there. The amount of free information, support and downloads available at the club is staggering.

Current status of the club is that free membership might end soon - if you do decide to join up drop me a quick line here at the UniGTR+ Center and if I can help you with any 5P stuff I will. I'm looking for strong team members who are seriously willing to follow thru on their chosen subject - which doesn't have to be in a music orientated idea at all.

Creative Department

Here's a good club dealing with Info Products Online - I think digital goods have a huge future and there a part of many peoples lives already. And while I'm still an avid old-skool book reader, I think that ebook are great too - the design really brings the pages to life and it's early days yet. But of course your info-products can also be CDs or packages even DVDs and Video, there are lots of options, and the info in this short but intensive email course will certainly give you income-food for thought.


Craeting Info Products width=110 height=170

IMPORTANT - Please enter "MASTERS" (in capital letters without quotes) in the email's subject line. Otherwise your request will be treated as spam.

Click here to Activate, type in MASTERS and press Send to receive The InfoProduct Masters Course...

This is an intensive 5-Day e-mail course about creating, producing and online-selling your own infoproducts but you can do it in your own time.


You can create and promote an ebook or similar electronic goods on the Net once you get the know how.

Basic Chord Families width=150 height=200

To give you an idea of what's possible, here's an ebook I designed called Basic Chord Families which I sell here on site and elsewhere.

For a few more tips on online copy try the Netwriting Masters Course This stuff can even help you with your songwriting! It's all about choosing and using the right words to write, and communication skills - particularly online.

For a complete listing of available SBI downloads

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Guitar Players, Musicians and PC Users - Online Host

If your serious about an online presence and you want to get top results, I would recommend a look at the SiteSell program. To me, this package is the cream of the crop when it comes to online promotional and work from home tools. It really is clever, and the simple but powerful ideas and principles that it follows can be used by anyone - I'm certainly not alone in this view and for more evidence you can take a look at some case studies - read between the lines as they say for more info.

This tool separates the men from the boys for sheer speed, ease of use and efficiency. Webmasters "flying by the seat of their pants", will be be amazed at which keywords thought to be good percentage words, turn out to be complete duffers ;-). Suitable for all levels of PC user and Newbies in particular are totally guided from day one by an online "guru" whose a very nice and extremely helpful chap - watch out 4 the Newbies ;-).

I give this software invention 9 and a 1/2 out of 10 - On it's own it just sits there, but when you feed it - watch out ;-).

Site Build It width=85 height=75

To have a quick peek, you can also take a quick look at this SBI slideshow

Go ahead I'll wait here...;-)  laa la la...

Welcome back...impressive stuff eh? Takes full advantage of PC processing power and human individualism, and effectively magnifies the output say's I. The man behind it all is a certain Mr. Ken Evoy, and he's extremely respected in the 'Net community. He's also a Doctor among other things and his "Over-Deliver" principles run throughout the company.

As previously mentioned the support is legendary and you can ask questions about SBI or indeed any related queries at the SBI free questions center


Make Money Penny width=51 height=45

Guitar Players, Musicians and PC Users - Online Plans

Work from Home PC width=133 height=100

Presenting... from the Amazing Marlon Sanders

What can one say about this well known 'Net Guru? Well, for starters he's very experienced and extremely professional, and he has a very special writing and marketing style as you can see from his titles.

The amount of ideas he passes on is legendary in the biz - personal thanks 4 all the helpful email tips Marlon, I'm getting there.


Original and the Best?

wfh package width=100 height=94

Of course no online biz page would be complete without mention of one of the earliest and most famous entrepreneurs of all - Mr. Corey Rudl. He's a very special case too and you can find out about him at Marketing Tips - a controversial player but strong in the field whose certainly worth a look.

Unfortunately Corey is no longer with us but his legacy certainly lives on - my best to all his friends and family from the UniGTR+ Center - he will be missed and was greatly admired. And well done to Derek Gehl for his excellent job as the new captain of the ship.

Absolutely Top Quality Affiliate Programs

Can't Wait? ;-)... here's some quick links to have a look at how you can make money online - THE best only allowed on this page! Researched and recommended...

  • Stomping the Search Engines The info in their free e-mail program is only the beginning - top marks!
  • Affiliate Showcase Excellent program up there with the best - fabulous free website, attention and tools.
  • Adminder 10 Year Cookie!!! Fantastic program well deserves it's listing here - check it out yourself, a real quality and money spinning affiliate program.
  • Search It! Free SBI tool - Find out what everyone is looking for - unbelievable!

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Guitar Players, Musicians and PC Users - Online Plans

Well I hope that's enough to get you started but wait there's more - fancy an educated flutter in the Auction game, Local Business plans for worldwide domination, virtual "Bibles", the restaurant at the end of the Galaxy and more! (ok I made that last one up ;-). Go to here for more quality free downloads n' low-downs!

Universal Total Guitar Plus Center

Site Build It width=148 height=30


Follow thru with some of these ideas n' plans and... I'll see you out there, gud luk! Please e-mail me with any questions you may have about it.

Thanks for reading - Coming Soon ... Search Engine Special - Traffic Builders - Autoresponders ... Take control of your home computer and your future! 





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