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Guitar Music

Guitar Music - Studying the greats from recorded works, is a time honoured and effective way to boost your guitar playing skills. Here's a few I and many other's love and have learned from, who specialize and are usually associated with a particular guitar.

I thoroughly recommend that you take your favorites and these type of guitar music recordings apart. It's a great ear training and musical muscle exercise. DON'T rely solely on tab is the UniGTR+ vote!

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Guitar Music Vital Learning Tip Since the early days of guitar slinging, many players have learned from record collections. Back in the 50s when Pop Music reared it's adolescent acned head, it was exciting to hear and work out the latest vinyl offering from across the Atlantic Ocean.
Blues players like Eric Clapton sat down and learned from the likes of Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Freddie King... The Beatles picked up on Bob Dylan - The USA went crazy for the Beatles and turned out their own version - the Monkees, Yngvie J. Malmsteen digs Paggini ... the list goes on.
Today we have the advantage of new guitar learning techniques such as online, software, DVDs and the rest. These are great learning tools to be sure and I love them myself, but it's still vital to get that all-important ear training which you get sitting down and working out records, guitar in hand. It's a great way to learn fast, and player's devote various amounts of time to this method - from zero to infinity.
I think it's ultra important to keep this up whatever stage a player is at.
  • Beginners Guitar Music Learning Tip This "borrowing" and mix 'n matching from various styles and fave players, is probably part of your learning methods already, but aim to put your own stamp on it from the beginning - this is probably the hardest thing to achieve on any instrument I suppose.
  • Beginners Guitar Music Learning Tip A clear example of this type of approach would  be a player like Eric Johnson He often mentions some of these influences and players in interviews and you can hear them in his playing, but he has his own instantly recognizable signature sound too, and a distinctive approach to the instrument.
  • Beginners Guitar Music Learning Tip For fastest results, structure your lessons

Guitar Music: Featured Stratocaster Artist - Stevie Ray Vaughn

Stevie Ray Vaughn Music CD width=66 height=65

Stevie Ray Vaughan (RIP), Texas Flood A complete Blues Master on the Stratocaster and beyond.

  • SRV - Guitar Music Learning Tips Great feel and technical skills, but easy to learn some of his favorite intervals and so on.
  • SRV - Learning Tips - Texas Flood is his first album and a good place to start, good selection of songs and instrumentals too.
  • SRV - Learning Tips Unbelievable tone - worth studying his set up.
  • SRV - Learning Tips Instantly recognizable - 10 out of 10!
  • SRV - A true Blues master and relatively modern with it.
  • Player/Strat Study Tips Here's a few more Stratocaster Master Blasters worth taking apart.

Guitar Music/Fender Strat Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland. There's a ton of bad re-released/mixed/bootleg Hendrix albums out there, here's one of the original and best, featuring of course Stratocaster and Hendrix Magic. Always a great study source is our Jimi and a huge influence on the modern guitar world.

Another master in a completely different field, Yngvie Malmsteen - Trilogy (has his Hendrix influences too). Over the top Neo-Classical, with some truly ripping Strat sounds from the man. Yngvie puts the Strat under severe pressure! Speed fans will have plenty of inspiration.

  • Guitar Music Speed Tip Yngvie Malmsteen uses a very special "scalloped" Strat - built for a very light touch and mega speed! You can order this signature model.

Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom Brilliant album full of THAT unique Johnson and his Stratocaster sound!

  • Guitar Style Playing Tip Loads to learn off this one, a very versatile player (there's that word again), on a very versatile instrument.
  • Guitar Learning Playing Tip Eric Johnson use's a lot of 2-notes-per-string, fast and extremely fluid runs.
  • Did U Know? It's said that he can tell you the type of battery used in a pedal just by listening to it - the sound not the battery ;-).


Guitar Music/Telecaster Masters on CD

Guitar Music - To hear the Telecaster at it's best try these guys - Albert Lee, The Hellecasters, and the late great Danny Gatton - some unbelievable stuff.

  • Guitar Style Tips This hi-powered Country Style is a great source for right-hand motor skills study.
  • Guitar Study Tips Listen out as the Hellecasters do crazy harmonics and string bends from behind the nut.
  • Guitar Study Tips Albert Lee has some cool tutors out on DVD and Video - you can see and study his incredible technique close up with these, but don't forget that it's vital to try and learn his stuff by ear too - Vital! How many times is he gonna say that ...


Guitar Music/Gibson Les Paul Masters

Featured Les Paul Artist - Thin Lizzy

I have to show one of my fave albums and covers - Jailbreak. I learnt so much from Philo and the boys - Howiya Brian... contains some excellent Twin Lead Les Paul sounds.

Thin Lizzy Music CD width=50 height=50

  • Guitar Music Thin Lizzy Tips The twin lead line-up includes Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham.
  • Thin Lizzy Study Tips The quickest way to instant twin-lead, is to play the same notes and inflections as guitar 1 but a third higher in the scale.
  • Thin Lizzy Tips Jailbreak is one of the best albums representing Lizzy as a 4 piece band.
  • Thin Lizzy Tips This was Thin Lizzy's 6th album and biggest in America
  • Thin Lizzy Study Tips Brian Robertson's expressive Wah work is well worth a listen. Hear an excellent sample of it on the track Warriors from the album.
  • Thin Lizzy Tips For a great example of their 3-piece line-up, have a listen to their 3rd album - Vagabonds of the Western World - my fave ... especially the outro solo on the track The Hero and the Madman, hi Eric ;-).

For retro to modern mayhem on the Gibson Les Paul, try out The Darkness' Permission to Land CD - it's got that "grows on you vibe". Nice to see the head nod of respect to Lizzy - other big Lizzy fans? Bon Jovi and almost every guitar player in Ireland - waheyyy.


Featured Flying V Master on CD - Albert King

AlbertKing Music CD width=65 height=65

King of the Blues Gee-tar by Albert King. Great for listening AND learning players. Here's one of his finest blues moments - There's a lot of bad blues CDs out there, this one one is an acknowledged classic.

  • Albert King Study Tips Excellent study solos - short but carefully mixed into the song.
  • Albert King Study Tips He used a Gibson Flying V
  • Albert King Study Tips Brilliant vocals and tunes too.
  • Albert King Study Tips He strung it hi E nearest to face and bent a lot of notes away from himself. He achieved some serious wide bends and played and sang on some classic recordings including this one of course.
  • Guitar Study Tips It's also worthwhile checking out the other Kings - Freddie and BB if you're a Blues fan.
  • Guitar Study Tips Also hear the Flying V at it's best on UFO's Lights Out in the hands of Michael Schenker. Features very fast "Rapid Fire" guitar licks.


Guitar Music/SG Masters on CD - Tony Iommi

Guitar Music CD Iommi width=50 height=50

Powerful stuff from the SG Humbuckers.

  • Guitar Style Tips Iommi is a master of churning out amazing riffs, one after the other and uses a lot of Power-Chords.
  • Guitar Style Study Tips He mixes it nicely with some Jazzy-Blues chords n' riffs.
  • CD Backround Tips This album Black Sabbath was the band's Horror-Movie inspired first, and recorded in 48 hours. It's very dark and still sounds fresh today, a favorite and big influence of many current heavy pros.
  • CD Backround Tips Features a very young and vibrant Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, he of "The Osbournes" MTV family from hell ;-) - sounds great and very raw.
  • Guitar Study Tips Iommi sometimes uses dropped tunings to achieve a heavier and grittier sound. eg He'll tune the low E down to D, or even tune down all the strings. Sounds great live and recorded, with an overdriven guitar.
  • Guitar Sound Tips The SG uses Humbucking/noisefree Pickups, ideal for this heavy style.
  • SG Masters on CD Tips For another SG master don't forget to check out early Carlos Santana - I suggest the double-live album (live) Moonflower. I'm not normally a huge fan of live recordings, but this contains some serious solo work and songs - and it's a very high quality recording that captured the night for both Carlos and the band.

Guitar Music/Peavey/EVH Guitar - Masters on CD

Van Halen Music CD width=50 height=45

1984 Great songs and playing throughout on this CD. This was a big release worldwide for the band and they hit the big time here with the likes of Hot For Teacher and my fave - Panama.

  • Guitar Study Info This album features all of Eddie's trademark sounds tastefully added into the songs. Listen out for his Pentatonic blues-solo influences on 'Teacher and Panama.
  • Guitar Study Info For a listen to his explosive earlier stuff try Van Halen This album raised the Guitar playing stakes to new levels all over the world.

Guitar Music/Ibanez Masters on CD

Staeve Vai Guitar Music CD width=50 height=50

The designer/creator of the Gem instrument is no slouch when it comes to playing it! World-Class technique and composition skills are present throughout his innovative Passion & Warfare CD.

  • Guitar Tip Steve Vai uses a Guitar Harmonizer (think it's an Evantide) a lot.
  • Guitar Tip For more Hi-Tech stuff like this try Surfing With the Alien A then groundbreaking CD from Vai's one time teacher of 3 years Joe Satriani.
  • Did U Know? My favorite Satch track is called The Crush of Love ... Thanks Fran - Your Majesty ;-).
  • Guitar Tip I read somewhere something in a Guitar Player mag, that Steve recorded his cat for part of an album, after inserting a thermometer where you check the temperature - I'll get back to ya on that one.
  • Did U Know? I always wondered if Vai and Satriani have "other" real names. Clarence Pilkington and Fred Pugh perhaps? hmmm ...

Guitar Music/Featured Guitar Master on CD

Here's one of my personal guitar-playing favorites, a player and CD which belong in a category on their own...

Allan Holdsworth Music CD width=60 height=60

The Incredible Allan Holdsworth - Roadgames

What can you say about Road Games that hasn't been said already? Simply incredible legato, Intervals of the Gods , uncanny chordal swells. Hard to believe that there's no keyboards still after all these years.

Not forgetting the absolutely brilliant and innovative rhythm section of Jeff Berlin and Chad Whackerman - Berlin's Electric Bass solo's are out of this world too.

An album to either Love or Hate, but you gotta hear it at least - it's on the Jazzy, Fusion-ish mode I guess - real "Muso's" stuff I reckon but hey.

  • CD Info Also features one time Cream frontman Jack Bruce on vocals.
  • CD Info No less than Eddie Van Halen himself is one guy who was blown away by this one.
  • Guitar Study Tips Holdsworth is a big fan of Sax players like John Coltrane and often emulates this style of playing on his guitar.
  • Guitar Study Tips Holdsworth picks very few notes with his right hand, preferring to slur and hammer-on with his left wherever possible. This gives him an incredibly fluid style.
  • Guitar Style Tips He often use's a Synth Axe, and he's constantly experimenting with new sounds.
  • Guitar Style Tips Uncanny technique/Legato/Magic Intervals/Jazzy Fusion/Experimental...

Guitar Music/Living outside USA? - Useful Music Links

You can find out further details about most of the CDs and books recommended on site by using the Amazon.co.uk search box in the left column of this page - good luck and happy listening and learning.





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