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Midi in the Studio

MIDI in the studio is almost an essential in the home recording studio these days. The amount of control it offers over a mix is phenomenal. In the old days it would have been necessary to have real musicians play real recordings into the mix, to obtain the sounds needed to make a killer song.

But with the popularity and the ubiquitous home recording studios driven by a PC, musicians can now be the ultimate one-man-band and record their own songs and tunes in the comfort of their own studio. No more ringing up fellow band mates in the middle of the night to "come over and put down a line on their instrument 'cos you can't play it".

Ok in some cases it's best and sometimes essential to use the real McCoy, but many pro results can still be achieved. Play your cards right and you can really make a track that lives and breathes without getting in other musicians.

With a MIDI guitar setup, not only can you play and control sounds like a keyboard player, but also add realistic saxaphones, drums, strings, pianos ... it's an endless list.

Watch out for the upcoming UniGTR+ MIDI and Samples in the Studio ebook. If you are interested in finding out more about MIDI, here's a UniGTR+ ebook which deals with MIDI for guitars called Use MIDI Guitar Power! Contents include:

  • What MIDI controllers can do for you and which are the vital ones to know - there are over a 100 but 5 in particular are crucial.
  • How to best approach MIDI programming, and use the experience to improve your guitar playing - this can be a drastic improvement in many cases!
  • The most common noise problem in MIDI guitar setups and how to easily correct them once and for all.
  • Which MIDI units professional guitar players are choosing, using, and why.

The sonic doors MIDI opens to the guitarist are vast, and it is truly an awesome addition to any guitar players arsenal.

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Enter Use MIDI Guitar Power! This ebook shows you the ins and outs of MIDI guitar, what's available, where to start, which units are best, and many more "secrets" are revealed.

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Use MIDI Guitar Power!

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