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Creative Writing Idea Boosters

Creative writing idea boosters really work - the changes can be dramatic for anyone looking to improve their writing and skills. You can really supercharge your writing powers and musical output with some of these proven techniques. I think the main key to success with any of these systems is to persist with them.

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Tip o' de day, begorrah! Mix the techniques and principles of Mr. Hill and Mr. Evoy mentioned elsewhere on site, and you have a lethal and non-stopable combination... 'tis the opinion 'round here ;-).

It's recommended by many experts such as the above mentioned and long respected Napoleon Hill, to take advantage of other people's years of advice and experience and that this will cut your learning curve dramatically. It's a matter of getting into the habit and then a creative snowball type of effect can kick in.

What about learning from a Berklee Master? Have a look at Pat Patterson's work - inspiring stuff. As many musicians find, when you purposefully push yourself on becoming a more creative writer and tunesmith your guitar playing and band input increase dramatically.

This is the key - persistence, another principle recommended by the great thinkers, and a trait which can be really taken under control.

Ratchet your song writing, playing and sound to the next level... beginners to advanced music lovers. We can't all be immortal songwriters like the Beatles, Sting or Avril n' co. but hey you never know what's on the cards eh?... whatever, but using some of these creative methods can literally take your music onto another plateau regardless of where your skill levels are now - I believe so anyway.

Use That Tunnel Vision

Many musicians are a naturally creative lot with the skill of tunnel vision, but this tool can be utilized and sharpened up by any body - whatever level.

Creative writing idea n' tips The quickest way to multiply your product output - be it original music or an ebook, is thru the use of your home computer and the Internet. This relatively modern day miracle gives anyone the chance to reach and meet minds with millions of people all over the world.

Creative writing idea n' tips For a fast start in using your PC's online power, submerse yourself in the best available books and media in the field. Find out how to lever your own inspirational ideas (there'll be loads ;-). There's plenty of suggestions on this page where to get going.

Creative writing idea n' tips Comin' up: Try a powerful little book written way back in the 30's, that can literally change your life and the way you earn money! It's a total and complete bible in the field - and I mean it, it's powerful stuff that will inspire you. Secrets Revealed!

Creative Writing and Idea / Intro

Here's a selection of techniques and a look at some of the creative writing idea boosters people have developed over the years. Use your PC and brainstorming skills to enhance and promote your artwork, songs, ebooks, video-making.

If you turn this creative output into a saleable product or service you can make a residual, flowing income. This can give you financial freedom and much more leisure time, among many other benefits. Not to mention the job-satisfaction of a job well done. Sounds like a good deal.

So where's a good place to start looking for a healthy dose of creative writing ideas? Let's have a look at some strategies shall we...

Creative Writing Idea - Brainstorming 

1 Brainstorm effectively with the following method:

Use a special A4 size copy book and keep it safe. Build it up over the year and use it for reference purposes. Transfer it into your PC when it's done, use it's amazing worldwide search powers.

Let's start with an example idea. It's best to start with something you are familiar with and interested in already. For our example we'll use "Auctions ideas for profit" I like 'em meself. You could be working on creative writing ideas for a song or similar, it's the same process.

  • Creative writing idea n' tips To avoid "Blank Page Syndrome" write down the main idea and a loose title to start off with such as...

"Auctions ideas for profit"

  • Brainstorming Write down as headings, any thoughts, info or ideas that you have or know already about the subject.
  • Brainstorming Use research tools such as Google and FAQs if you need inspiration. You will find hundreds of possible headings, pick a few of the best ones to begin with. Stop when you fill the page.
  • Brainstorming Use a thesaurus and dictionary to get more word-related profitable gems if you need even more.

Here's a quick 'top of the head" list of related ideas on "Auctions ideas for profit"...

  • Auctions
  • E-Auctions
  • E-Bay - the original and ....
  • Online Auctions - growing rapidly.
  • Websites FAQ's
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Bidding
  • Auction anything...
  • /Electronics/Cars/Antiques...write down your specialty subject here in more detail.
  • Books
  • David Dickenson - cheap as chips ;-).
  • Bargain Hunt
  • The Antiques Roadshow
  • Net Auction Masters Course +
  • Corgi Toys (good condition and boxed)
  • Clothes, Fashion items
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Buy and Sell Magazines (good place to pick up saleable bargains)
  • Vinyl (huge market)
  • Car Parts/Antiques
  • Profitable Jewelry restoration/buy and sell
  • Sports gear auctions
  • Restore gear and sell it on for a good margin of profit
  • etc.
  • Creative writing ideas n' tips When you have plenty of headings for your chosen and profitable subject, you can narrow the list down to the 10 best and do a quick brainstorm on each one.
  • Creative writing ideas n' tips These ideas could be titles for an ebook, income related, song lyrics...this brainstorming method XPANDS any idea. The more you use it, the more proficient and faster you become at it. This brainstorming technique can really enhance your creative writing. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
  • Here's a brainstorm on the lyric cliche - "broke my heart" using a few of the above techniques.
heartbroken, broken hearts, worn, scarred, scared, scarred heart, red heart, blue heart, black heart, blue, my blue heart, Hart to Hart ;-), broke, bro·ken, break·ing, breaks, To divide into pieces, To fracture, fractured heart, To give up (a habit). To cause to give up a habit: To become separated into pieces or fragments. To become cracked or split. To become fractured: His arm broke from the fall. To become unusable or inoperative: The television broke. To give way; collapse: The scaffolding broke during the storm. To burst: The blister broke. Heart: The vital center and source of one's being, emotions, and sensibilities. Courage; resolution; fortitude... auricle, cardiac organ, clock, puffer, pumper, ticker, vascular organ, ventricle etc.
This is just a quick look to demonstrate how you can take an ordinary everyday statement and turn it into something fresher sounding. For the above cliche "broken-hearted" I'm going for...
My fractured-vascular organ,
Lies writhing like a dying Gorgon,
I need a little break,
I'll go shopping in Glamorgen.
- it's a poem about relationships in Wales ;-). Next time I'll pick an easier rhyme... doh!
  • Creative writing idea n' tips Try some of the 5-Pillar Clubs free ebooks and courses to stimulate your mind and give you tons of fresh and possibly profitable thoughts. These free e-mail courses include the excellent Netwriting Masters Course. This will fuel you with creative writing ideas for perhaps a band website or indeed ANY media such as music promotion or ebooks.
  • Creative writing idea n' tips A great way to get a good creative writing idea is to have lots of ideas, so get into the habit of writing them down. Creative Writing ideas are worth big money don't throw one away! If your latest 4-o'-clock in the morning inspiration doesn't look so hot in the cold light of day, and you've went to the bother of writing it down, so what! It will soon be replaced with a better one.
Not all ideas will be used but the Gold is in there...
  • Creative writing idea n' tips Carry around a Creative Writing notebook for ideas and light-bulb moments ALWAYS! Especially in places where you think you won't need it. It's amazing where the sparks come from when your not expecting them. This happens after only a few days of regular right-brain use.
Songwriters - Writing Better Lyrics
creative writing idea book width=51 height=78 Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison

Even experienced writers can pick up a few brain-benders here. Full of effective and easy to try techniques on how to write magnetizing Lyrics. You'll be amazed at some of the results of these mind-expanding exercises and your creative writing improvements which are in many cases instant.

Written in a snappy but light-hearted style. I would estimate that this tool could save you at least 2 to 5 years of ferreting and experimenting on your own. Shows you how to make those Can't Do Without books mentioned elsewhere earn their keep.

The author has creative writing and techniques down to a fine art, and does a great job passing this hard-earned info on to the reader and Tunesmith.


If you need a creative kick in the ...eh creative department hmmm, you could try the "Whack" method...

creative writing idea book width=39 height=60 A Whack On the Side of the Head

Roger Von Oech: "For years one book has been used more than any other to stimulate creativity and new ideas". Yup, you've guessed it, this is it...Ouch!

That's just one of the many accolades awarded to an amazing little book. Written by an experienced and creative thinker of course, it's jammed with motivational and creative writing and more ideas.

If I can give you an example, there are many to choose from...ok I'll have a quick look...hang on a mo' I'll just open a page, :->... here we go...

It's concerning methods of problem solving -- here's 3 helpful tips from a HUGE selection.

1 "...Another technique for finding more answers, is change the wording in your question"...for example...etc.

2 Ask "What If" questions...

3 A helpful piece of advice...

"The second assault on the same problem

should come from a

totally different direction"

- Tom Hirshfield, Physicist

A book filled with many innovative thinkers, creative thinking and idea boosters.


  • Creative writing idea n' tips Practice writing fictional stuff and copy from different perspectives. Have a look at a few of your favorite books and notice whose doing the talking.
  • Creative writing idea n' tips Best advice for any type of creative writing and brainstorming? Practice these two skills regularly and purposefully, and the ideas will flow.
  • Creative writing idea n' tips When your brainstorming for creative writing ideas, don't censor ideas in the beginning if they sound silly to you at that time. Just write 'em down and do your censoring bit later.
  • Creative writing idea n' tips Go for a walk to somewhere nice and secluded. Bring your A4 along and think as your strolling. Don't forget to write the gud ones down (they will disappear if not), and fuel n' feed the oul brain with a bit of fresh air. It's a great way to go into Creative-Write-Brain Mode, where you'll find some stunning ideas and plans.
  • Creative writing idea n' tips If you want to write a riveting, focused webpage, write the main purpose of the piece or topic at the top of the page, keep tuned-in on it and don't wander off the subject. Remember, the finger of the reader is poised and ready to click on!
  • Creative writing idea n' tips Write and rewrite and rewrite and...'til it's Creatively Right! 

S'easy ;-)...g'luck! For a few more creative writing idea boosters ...





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