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Guitar Recording Tips

Guitar Recording Tips - a tricky one this, but here's a few general guidelines to get you going, dealing with acoustic recording basics. I'll be adding a few more soon regarding recording the electric guitar.

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Guitar Recording Tips Acoustic guitar's can also be amplified on stage and recorded in various ways.
  • Live Tone Tips For Live work the handiest way is to use a built in Pickup/Pre-amp to plug in direct to the Mixing Desk. Use an Electro-Acoustic for this type of work.
  • Recording Tone Tips To record an Acoustic Guitar it's best to Mic it up and usually ignore the onboard electrics. Use a good Capacitor or Electret Microphone for this. It captures the ambient sound and character of the instrument.
  • Recording Tone Tips The acoustics of the room play a big part in the sound if Ambient Mic-ing is used for recording.
  • Recording Tone Tips A dynamic Mic needs to moved very close to the relatively weak output of an Acoustic Guitar and this loses a lot of the instrument's character in the recording. This is a tricky subject to say the least but here's a few popular methods used:

Guitar Recording Tips
  • Guitar Recording Tips #1 Mic at the 12th fret: about 9 - 18 inches away. Experiment is the key here, this method will pick up all the fret noise - try nearer the Nut for less bass.
  • Guitar Recording Tips #2 Mic near or even above the body/soundhole: about 8 -17 inches away
  • Guitar Recording Tips #3 Stereo Mic-ing - Use a combination of Microphones to record a solo instrument. Use one near the body and one further away to capture ambience. Be careful that the 2 Mics aren't phasing - move the Mics around until you get what your looking for.
  • Guitar Recording Tips #4 A combination of straight DI and ambient Mic-ing is sometimes useful and worth a try.

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