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Joe Satriani: Guitar Tips and Exercises

Joe Satriani: This is a small but info packed collection of 10 great lead-guitar exercises and tips for beginners up. Satriani demonstrates these ten excellent Guitar Tips and Exercises in this little goldmine of a video. Suitable for beginners up with basic guitar techniques such as hammer/ons, legato phrases, lefthand slurring, righthand picking and so on.

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UniGTR+ recommends a good warm up before doing any of these exercises mentioned in the video with big stretches.

The key to building your technique is to practise these exercises and techniques on a daily basis - set aside at least 20 minutes a day on these type of skill-builders and you'll notice the positive difference it adds to your playing.

Try tip - 3 at 01:28 for a few good warm-up exercises. Absolutely recommended - fair play to Mr. Satch for uploading this great guitar-teaching presentation at good ol' Youtube.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #1 00:16 Bending exercise to help perfect and tune your musical ear. This simple exercise is one of my favorites to show my own students over the years. It really can make your playing sound professional and is SO easy to practise and improve on. The results will be heard throughout your solos almost immediately. Don't forget to try it with 1 fret bends, then 2, 3, 4 and more if u dare!

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #2 01:18 Some great lefthand legato exercises, hammer on, pulloff and stretching tips. Satch is an absolute master of legato, and these exercises will help any player in legato improvement at many stages. The exercise at 01:28 is ideal to start off a warm up session. To hear some tasty Satriani legato check out the track Not Of This Earth.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #3 02:02 Effective Lefthand stretching exercises

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise Tip 4 02:22 Great hammer on/stretch chromatic exercise.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #5 02:48 Using these above techniques with scales/sum up.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #6 03:02 Nice warming up exercise with chord shapes - a tongue-twister for your fingers as the man himself says.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #7 03:41 As above using different chords and shapes. You can see the man warming up himself as he demonstrates these exercises.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #8 04:08 Right and lefthand picking chromatic exercise - a standard with a slight twist. Also has some experienced fingering comments in there after the exercise itself.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #9 05:20 Covering the whole neck with a scale - great for aiding visualization etc.

Joe Satriani Tip/Exercise #10 06:05 Great tip on using the whole neck like in Exercise 9. 

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