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MIDI - Use MIDI Guitar Power! So what exactly is M.I.D.I.? Well it stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Ans basically MIDI is a powerful tool which you can use to create keyboard sounds from your guitar.

From swirling pads, piano, saxophones, string ensembles, even drums. Whether live or recording, it is the ideal tool for studio use and gives a guitar player access to these sounds without having to relearn the instrument.

You just play your guitar as normal and MIDI will automatically convert your guitar output into a wide range of sounds previously only available to keyboard players. Also, the amount of control that MIDI offers over these sounds and effects is unheard of in guitar world.

Keyboard players have used MIDI since 1983 when the first MIDI powered 'boards came out. It's also used to connect instruments together and allows them to communicate with each other in a master/slave situation.

But there are certain things you need to learn if you would like to get the most from using this powerful medium such as:

  • What MIDI controllers can do for you and which are the vital ones to know. There are over a 100 but 5 in particular are crucial.
  • How to best approach MIDI programming and use the experience to improve your guitar playing - this can be a drastic improvement in many cases!
  • The most common problem in MIDI guitar setups and how to easily correct it forever.
  • Which MIDI units pro guitar players are using and why.

The sonic doors MIDI opens are vast, and it is truly an awesome addition to any guitar players arsenal.

Use MIDI Guitar Power! width=150 height=200

Enter Use MIDI Guitar Power! This ebook shows you the ins and outs of MIDI guitar, what's available, where to start, which units are best, and many more "secrets" are revealed. We use the standard online service Clickbank to process orders.

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Use MIDI Guitar Power!





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