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Music Band Promotion

Music Band Promotion - here we're dealing with promotional tools which can rocket any project forward. In this case the "Project" is a band or artist, perhaps a Music CD and so on.

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Music Band Promotion

But do bear in mind that these powerful strategies can be used to fuel almost anything. It's all about using the Internet and your Home Computer to get the name out there! There's plenty of free tools listed and discussed in this series to help get you going fast. Use them and persist and you'll see positive results.

Music Band Promotion #1

Even a few short years ago, artists and musicians were pretty much at the hands of the moguls and the machinery-wheels of the music industry, when it came to promoting their creations and talent. Since the beginning, the record companies, labels, PR men, etc. have mostly had it all their own way.

Music Band Promotion - The Tables Have Turned!

But with the advent of the Home Computer and the Internet, the tables have turned dramatically with a resounding yippee! Never before in our history has it been possible to promote ourselves and anything we desire with relative ease on a worldwide basis. Music, Bands, Books, Songs, Hobbies, Art ... the list is endless. This is possible to do "Even While You Sleep" as they say (the promotion part I mean :) ... now how easy is that eh?

This is all possible due to the modern Communication Tools at our disposal. And it's reckoned that the use of these powerful tools, namely the Internet and Home Computer, for "product" exposure, is still in it's infancy stage even now ... but this baby is growing at a phenomenal rate!

Here we'll take a Band or Original Music as an example "Product", but as mentioned these tactics and online promotions can be used to successfully promote anything - the strategies are the same and just need to be fine-tuned . These online techniques are best used in combination with more traditional methods of band promotion such as gigging, radio interviews etc. They are a fantastic and extremely effective way to add fuel to any Band's promotional plan.







Music Band Promotion - Online Strategies

  • Set up a band web-site - even if you have no previous experience this can be done with relative ease. Free web sites and tools are available - links below.
  • Promote a weekly fan-zine from your band web site, at gigs etc., include tour dates, gigs, photos etc.
  • Create and Sell your music/products - info/links in the next installment.
  • Traffic Exchanges - use these to boost your Band/Music site and name - just by surfing - links in part 2.
  • Learning and use SE (Search Engines) and online Directory tactics eg place reciprocal links to boost Google and Yahoo ratings, submit music or articles to already established traffic magnets that link to your site and so on - links below.



  • Use Video sites like Youtube, Revver, Metacafe, Google and many more to promote the band for nothing, or next to nothing (except time).
  • Use social sites like MySpace and others to create a fanbase..

Today, you can also create your own electronic goods at home such as CD's, E-Books, Articles, Reports and so soon, and cross promote all of these together across the Internet. Even design nappies with your band logo on them (true ;)! - and sell them online or at gigs if you must. This creates a snowball type of effect for your band or project and once you get rolling, it's very easy to add to. Your head will be brimming with ideas.

Music Band Promotion -  Free Web Site and Tools #1

  • For a free web-site and huge selection of tools go to Bravenet ... total beginners to advanced.

Free Guest Books, Message Forums, Web Journal / Blog, Mailing Lists etc. Very professional outfit and lots of options - click Bravenet image above to find out more. Worth considering the cheap upgrade for a more professional look without 3rd party ads.

Music Band Promotion - Advanced Free Web Site AND Domain #2

If you can put web pages together already, you should try MySiteInc. They give you a free web-site and domain name - you build the site exactly the way you want it. Here's an example of what you can do Musicians Free Site Demo

There are usually some shortcomings to a free version like this on the Net (such as web space and 3rd party ads), but these aren't always necessary requirements - if you feel you ever need to upgrade there's always an option to do so and it's recommended.

Don't forget to check out how to promote it in our following articles. Building your bandsite is one thing, but you must promote it too.

See you in Music Band Promotion Part 2 where we'll be looking at some seriously effective tools to promote your site and a lot more - this is vital to online success... good luck and happy promoting.





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