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Guitar Tablature Resources and Books

Guitar Tablature Resources and Books - Here's a few of the better Busker Style and Note for Note Tablature available. Tab is a great way to learn from other people's works - simple to learn and use. The more you use it the easier it becomes. Most popular Artists are written down somewhere in Tablature so it's a good learning place to start.

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Guitar Tablature Basics

Guitar Primer Book width=45 height=60 Here's a good option to consider for learning the basics - the Wolf Marshall Guitar Method Primer Get the CD too if you can, as this targets your ear training as well as just learning the basics and more.

Rock Guitar Tablature

If you're a rocker this guy does good stuff at high levels - comes with excellent CD aswell .

Rock Guitar Tutor width=45 height=60 Total Rock Guitar : A Complete Guide to Learning Rock Guitar

Two of the best tutors I reckon. As mentioned it's worth paying a bit extra for a quality transcription of the music into tab.

  • Guitar Study Tip Always try to learn the piece or chords first by ear. Then hit the guitar tablature books and videos. 

From Busking to Note for Note Tablature

Let's look at a great busking style book - It shows you a simplified version of the tunes.

Beatles Fake Book width=43 height=60 The Beatles Fake Book is a book you can pick up and be bangin' out the boys tunes almost straight away. It's not meant to be a blow by blow account of the songs, but perfect for giving an instant Beatles vibe. As Fake Books go, this is a good one and includes Guitar Chords and Lyrics -No Guitar Tablature.

If you want guitar tablature of the actual pieces...

...here's big brother - 21 Beatles songs taken apart and demonstrated to you, by an expert in the biz - none other than our friendly expert, Mr. Wolf Marshall. Best of The Beatles for Acoustic Guitar He's been transcribing note for note for yonks at this stage, and he's one of the best.

  • This also comes with a CD so it's a very powerful course. You can have a look at the details on the Amazon site.
  • If your interested in his other note for note guitar tablature books and various media, Wolf Marshall has released an unbelievable 40 odd guitar tab books he's produced and more -

Coldplay Tablature

Getting a bit modern with it, one of the most popular bands in the last few years has been Coldplay. Certainly my current fave, and there are plenty of busking and note for note tabalature books available to help learn their stuff too -

Here's the busker, in a hurry version - Coldplay - Parachutes

I can't find a note for note yet, I'll get back to ya' on that...Ok I found it...


Coldplay - Live 2003 Performed by Coldplay. Guitar Recorded Versions (Authentic note-for-note transcriptions). With notes and tablature. Size 9x12 inches. 114 pages. Published by Hal Leonard. (690682)
See more info...


From the excellent Hal Leonard stable -say n'more ;-).

Remember, for best gee-tar results, listen and learn from the music your going to learn aswell as reading the tablature. Here's the Coldplay CDs in order! There's only two so far (plus a few lives and specials) - I'm sure there'll be a lot more (I hope).

  • Guitar Learning Tip You can listen to samples of the CDs up on the Amazon site too!

Parachutes CD Cover - Coldplay width=65 height=65

Parachutes CD ... the Coldplay Debut... and the seriously brilliant:

Rush of Blood... CD Coldplay - width=65 height=64

A Rush of Blood to the Head CD  C'mon lads I'm dyin' for the next one, I've worn these two out ...;-).

I think the Coldplay lads were/are influenced bigtime by a little Irish band...what's their name - oh yeh U2. How could I forget.

  • U2 Tip from Dublin By the way, if you want to really know the truth about U2's rise to fame, you must get your hands on a copy of U2 : THE EARLY DAYS
  • U2 Book Facts Written by the late great Bill Graham. It really is a note for note account by someone who really WAS there.
  • U2 Facts I think it's hard to get at the moment, but it's well worth searching for.

I've just recently re-read my copy (original) of this exciting story, and it still sends a shiver down me spine - har har. Loads of Guitar Tablature books on these guys available too. The Edge looks good in Guitar Tab ;-)... Just type in U2 - and Find It!


Sheet Music Search width=150 height=38


Check out whether the version you want is a note for note or general guitar tablature version. Remember, in the land of Guitar tablature, you pays for what y' gits ;-).

Jazz Jamtrax

Here's a really cool collection of backing tracks and rhythms you can learn how to play AND practice soloing over. I have the Jazz, Blues and Rock versions, and the quality is brilliant. Thanks and Hi to graham for one as a Birthday Prezzie... Great fun and the jammin' helps you become proficient in many styles.

Shows you what's what in Guitar Tablature form and of course includes the backing tracks themselves. Full-band backup to 10 extended jams in authentic jazz styles. Shows you chords used, and includes guitar tablature tips on scales and techniques to use with each track.

Jazz Jam Tracks - Book and Audio width=68 height=90 Jazz Jamtrax

My copy of this Jazz one's nearly worn out at this stage, it's an oldie on Cassette, but this one thankfully is recorded on CD.

Have fun and jam with his excellent band ;-).

Ok hope that cleared up a few FAQs about the wonderful world of Guitar Tablature books for you. Hint 2 the Missus - I like getting them as Christmas and Birthday prezzies ;-).








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