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Chain Effects Guitar Layout

Here's a good basic chain-effects-guitar-layout which is a good place to start, but feel free to experiment. This chain tends to give the least noise and best signal ratio.

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Chain Effects Guitar Layout

  • Chain Effects Guitar Tips The delay pedal should be placed last in the chain as a rule if you've only got one channel on your guitar amp. But this set up can still cause an overdriven amp to over load and go a bit ga-ga very easily.
  • Chain Effects Guitar Tips If possible use a 2 - channel amp utilizing the effects send and return for your delay pedal - it's much more controllable this way and sounds more natural. The other way sounds quite edge-y tho' ... The delay sounds great on the clean AND dirty channel using the special FX in and out puts.
  • Chain Effects Guitar Tips If your using a guitar processor in the FX Send + Return be very careful to match the impedance - should be in the manual if your not sure how to check this. Pedals don't suffer as a rule from this possible impedance mismatch - which can result in a weak sound.

You-Guitar-Wah-Distortion-Chorus -Amp + (Delay through Amp FX loop)

One Channel Guitar Amp Effects Chain

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2 Channel Guitar Amp Effects Chain

Guitar Effects and Pedals width=300 height=48

Click here >>> chain-effects-guitar-guide for more detailed tips, chat n' info on pedals, fx and guitar processors.




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