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Guitar Lesson - Modal Resources + Info

If you enjoyed our Modal Guitar-Lesson and you'd like to take it further, here's a couple of videos n' dvd's which I think are some of the best on the subject.

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Steinberg Cubase 4 Studio Steinberg Cubase 4 Studio

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Good Software Sequencers
Guitar - Modes/DVDs/Videos Learning media and recommendations.
D Dorian - Demo MP3 - Plays in all standard media players.
Living Outside the USA? Useful music and learning links for Europe.

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Guitar Lesson - DVD's/Videos/Modes

Modes width=67 height=90 Modes No More Mystery, Frank Gambale DVD by Frank Gambale...This guy is from down under and he can rip thru' the guitar and Modes, with his own special Sweep-Picking Technique. But he slows it right down on this guitar lesson/DVD, and breaks up the info into bite-size chunks. A featured and respected columnist for Guitar Player for many years now. Fair-Dinkum Mate!...

While were on the subject , also by Mr.Gambale...

Speed Picking width=67 height=90 Monster Licks-Speed Picking, Frank Gambale If this doesn't speed up your playing nothing will, hee-hee. The Monster-Lick itself is unbelievable and the author does a good job explaining his speed picking techniques and shows how you can apply them to your playing - very clear. Scary and Fun! rrrRRRp

Hungry for more knowledge and even advanced-erer modal skills? Try another masterclass in the form of -

Jazz Fusion Modes width=65 height=90 Jazz Fusion Modes Guitar

With this thing under your proverbial belt, ya' could be lethal as they say, better watch out ;-).


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Hope you found something useful and that you enjoyed our Guitar Lesson on Modes.

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