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Tuners Guitar Invention - Automatic!

Tuners Guitar Invention - Automatic! Hey you have to check out this new guitar tuning invention it's great. Awesome and automatic guitar tuning! Thumbs up to the inventor and supplier - details in the video. Don't forget though, to tune up your guitar by ear at least once a week to keep your ear in training! Why? Very important question that all guitar players should know the answer to and put to use! Here's why ...

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Tuners Guitar - Automatic Guitar Tuner! The reason it's important to tune up by ear, is that if you rely on any electronic tuner guitar system constantly, your musical ear gets "lazy" when it comes to tuning.

This can create big problems at say a gig if your electronic tuner goes down. You might find yourself under stress and find tuning by ear under those circumstances very difficult if your "tuning ear" is rusty through lack of use. The fact that you are playing a gig in a few minutes and desperately trying to tune by rusty ear under pressure makes the job that much harder.

So the easy way out of this potentially damaging situation is to tune by ear at least once a week. Not only that, tuning guitar by ear is like a little workout for your "musical ear muscle" and helps to keep it sharp. A sharp musical ear means you sound much better and professional. There nothing worse than listening to an out of tune player no matter what's being played. It's the most amateur mistake in the game and can be easily avoided.


Robotic Tuner Guitar Invention Thingy!









  • Straightforward enough video that shows you how the automatic tuning works.
  • Don't 4get to tune by ear at least once a week!
  • UniGTR+ Center is not associated or affiliated with this invention - we just thinks it's a real winner. Well done and credits to those responsible for it.
  • Break a leg but stay in tune breaking it! :)
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