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Guitar Lesson Online

Guitar Lesson Online - Here's a selection on offer at the UniGTR+ Center. Includes videos and MP3 backing tracks. More 2 follow ...

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Flying V Gibson width=30 height=30Beginner Guitar Level

Beginner Guitar Chord Families - Play hundreds of songs with the basic family of Chords.

Beginner Blues - The easy to learn + play Minor Pentatonic Scale .. a Blues staple!

Beginner Major Scale - Your sure to recognize this one - anyone for a bit of Oasis?

Basic Chord Families Know these basic families and play hundreds if not thousands of songs. Available to suit Standard Righthand, Lefthand, Reverse, Piano/Keyboards.



  • Blues Beginnings Here the basic scale to build on the Minor Pentatonic. This is the building block scale and solid foundation you need to know - includes video.
  • The Blues Guitar Scale Notes The basic Minor Pentatonic scale with added "blues" notes.
  • Exploring The Pentatonic This video is aimed at beginner+ level and contains some great info and tips for users of this vital to know guitar soloing scale
  • Pentatonic Scale Video Lesson - How to cover the complete guitar neck with the Pentatonic Minor scale in A - Video Lesson.
  • Minor Blues Chord Progressions - Righthand + Rhythm Techniques: Video presented by Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Michael Williams. D
  • Pentatonic Scale Guitar How to use the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position of the Pentatonic scale in E - Video Lesson.
  • Moving the Pentatonic - This video demonstrates moving the Minor Pentatonic scale to different positions as the chord progression changes.
  • Modal Madness This video lesson looks at the Ionian Mode (Major Scale) and features pro guitar player Robert Lee Molton.
  • Guitar Chords Guitar Lesson Online - Revealed... the Ultimate Hairy Chord book! Guitar Chord Families - the basics u need are included. A good grounding in chordal work will boost your playing immensely, but take it beyond the basics, and your into a new and exciting land. Plus Guitar Lesson Chord Demos...
  • Guitar Chord Chart A growing list ..
  • Guitar Chord List From A to Z .. well A to G actually - includes Basic Chord families List.
  • Guitar Chord - C Add 9/11: Watch out - C Add 9/11 Chord About!
  • Pentatonic Major Pentatonic Major Scale Video showing the differences between the Major and Minor Pentatonics in C.
  • The Pentatonic Major Guitar Lesson Online - From Albert Lee to Noel Gallagher, Lizzy to the Darkness... Pop, Rock, Jazz - a versatile and easy to play scale. Includes MP3 demo and practise backing track.
  • Guitar Tablature Guitar Lesson Online - Reading tips and help. Tab is so easy to learn, and you can be playing new material in minutes, once you have a basic understanding. The Basics are included in this Guitar Lesson ... The more you read Tab and use it, the easier it becomes - a cool tool.
  • Guitar Tuning Guitar Lesson Online - Keeping your gee-tar tuned is THE first step in sounding HOT and Professional! For the Pro's it's: 'Tune-up perfectly and THEN play' is the order of the day. Even intermediate players might pick up a tip or two from the following Guitar Lesson Tuning Tips.


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