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Free Guitar Chord C Add 9/11 Chord: Hi - if you're in from a Search Engine and you'd like to read this guitar chord guide from the start please visit Guitar Chords #1.

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A Few Magic Chords #1 - C Add 9/11 Chord

Ok that's the basics out of the way, let's look at a few magical guitar chords or as the man says, "Groups of notes" ... what man?

Our featured chord is an unusual one from the Major +11 family. It's very full and overpowering so it must be used very carefully. But it's easy enough to play and sounds great in the right spot.


The letters and numbers on the notes in the diagrams, give the name of the note and standard fingering use.

So A1 means it's an A note played with the 1st finger. X means don't play the string and preferably mute/deaden it.

Guitar Chord width=352 height=138

  Guitar Chord Diagram Example - A Major

A Few Magic Guitar Chords

Try this interesting inversion of a C Add 9/11 chord to get you going - it gives a nice rippling and moody effect.

Try it where you'd normally use a C Major 7 and see what it sounds like.

It's cool to add a real jazzy, positively drippy ending to a tune - a good one to perk up the listeners ears.

Guitar Chord C Maj 11 width=484 height=138

Guitar Chord Diagram - C Maj +11

  • Full name is C add 9/11
  • Chord Tones: 1 3 5 9 11
  • Notes: C E G D F
  • Tech-head info:There's no 7th used in this inversion.

Music Note width=32 height=32 C add 9/11

It's just played from lo to hi E in the demo with a few shimmery effects.

Overpowering Guitar Chords

Jazzy type guitar chords come up a lot in popular songs and styles. But you must first try a new one to see if it sounds good in a particular song. This particular chord is pretty overpowering and needs to be used just right. ( Hmm...wonder what The Edge would do with it?).

If any new chord doesn't sound right in the song, or is clashing with the melody for example, don't use it, but save it for another tune.

You'll get better at this substitution thing the more you do it. These ideas will hopefully get you started.


The Ultimate Chord Book

If you want a guitar chord/theory book that will last you for years and years and years, check out Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry. I have to include the picture of 70's and hairy Ted. The Ultimate Chord Book that will keep you going for ages! Become a chord master with this one. Top resource marks!






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Chord Chemistry




Chord Chemistry
  • Respected and well presented info.
  • Hairy!
  • Covers basics to advanced.
  • You won't believe just how many inversions of a chord are possible and presented here ;).


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  • Beginners Guitar Study Tip Don't forget that effective use of a good Capo will INSTANTLY multiply your guitar chord options a hundred fold. This means that new chord shapes can be moved around to 12 different places on the guitar-neck, giving you a new chord each time.






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  • Use your Home Computer to access some modern software learning methods. Try the excellent Jana guitar-learning range.









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