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Guitars, Musicians, Players, Artists - looking for excellent guitar and music learning, equipment, playing, music, and band promotion resources and links? ... phew ... We all need 'em. Here's a list of quality URLs to help you out. Totally researched and recommended of course - the best surfing results.

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Guitar Master Class Excellent guitar learning site using video lessons - recommended. Tell Kris UniGTR+ sent you :).

Classical Guitarist Web Portal Comprehensive collection of categorised links, updated festivals information, competitions, concerts, & misc.

MusicMoz Excellent directory of Musician's Links.
Top 100 Guitar Sites! Exactly that!
Jana Software Top source of software programs for learning faster on the guitar.
International Songwriters Association Founded in 1967, publishes Songwriter Magazine - read by songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers throughout the world. Good place for tune-smiths to hang out and learn.
http://www.olga.net Free Guitar Tablature and related links. Quality of the Tabs varies as each one is a voluntary contribution by Guitar enthusiasts - a small donation is encouraged.
Art-and-Photography Directory This is a great place to find all things Art related - vital for self-promoting bands and musicians. Includes photos, photographers, painting, images, portfolios etc.
http://www.actiontab.com New Tablature and learning style. It's aimed at beginners to intermediate guitar players mostly - free, and easy to use.
http://www.guitarsite.com/ Literally 1,000s of Guitar related Links! Excellent and comprehensive site.
Music Exchange Growing list of useful musical links.
Guitarminator - crazy site, from the man behind the guitar work on S Club 7, Victoria Beckham and a few other modern artists. It's spacey n' certainly different so it's in yeh-heyy ;-).
Guitar For Beginners Guitar Lessons for beginners and beyond.
Singing Success Excellent site tells you all about raising your voice by an Octave - even guarantees it!
http://www.johngilliat.com Passionate and fiery flamenco guitar. Nouveau Flamenco, Rumba and Jazz. Includes music, videos, free lessons, tabs, news, reviews.
Same Day Music Cool, friendly, and huge online music store - a veritable Aladdin's Cave. Same day delivery specials or $50 back - like it - USA.

Guitar and Bass Licks, Riffs, Rhythms and Instruction Gigantic arsenal of Guitar and Bass licks, riffs, rhythms and instruction for all playing levels.

MusikHaus Thomann European based online musician's store. Pro set-up - 5 years online.
The Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ) Comprehensive directory with many music categories - edited by volunteers. Very closely related to Google + the MusicMoz directory - both big players in the Internet infrastructure.
Play The Guitar - Guitar information and instruction, with an emphasis on acoustic guitar.
Free Solo Guitar - Discover great solo acoustic guitar performances with free MP3s from these gifted artists. Free and legal!
http://tdsl.duncanamps.com Great resource for finding Guitar Amplifier Tube data, Guitar/Tube Forums and schematics.
www.watfordvalves.com Excellent source and Tube info supplier for Valves/Tubes, Capacitors, Speakers etc. Rigorous and comprehensive test facilities, check the site for more details.
Writing Fix - Excellent web-site dedicated to creative writing, right-brain techniques etc. Lovingly designed by writers, teachers, and students.
Guitar Directory Good source for music sheets and tab - English and French language.
Guitar Resources Comprehensive database of guitar chords and tab.

Don't Fret Nice site featuring a very cool and effective guitar/note learning tool.

Musicians Friend Famous and wonderful online store for all musical gear. My fave! Shop the World's Largest Music Gear Company

Taborama.com Thousands of guitar tablature, bass tablature, keyboard tablature, drum tablature, and lyrics for thousands of bands. New tabs daily. Free membership to submit and request tabs.
Guitarhoo! Find all the guitar players on the planet!
Hear-n-Play 60 free Piano lessons and free chord learning software - quality throughout.
Drum Junction - Helpful site for drummers with info on drums, equipment, and tips to improve as a drummer. Featuring a drum teacher directory for those seeking lessons, and teachers seeking exposure.
ProAcoustics-USA Ceiling speakers, wall speakers, outdoor cabinet speakers, audio stereo sub woofer speaker systems, and sound systems for commercial and residential applications. Yup you've guessed it - these guys do a helluva lot of speakers and more - pro setup.
Swing Blues Lots of informative Swing n' Jump guitar tips to pick up here - nice site run by a big enthusiast of the genre.
Guitartab.researcheasy.com  Resource site for everything to do with guitar tab. Includes free newsletters, articles, links and other resources - easy to navigate site.
Arctic Sunburn Resource for Western Canadian musicians, independent bands, and promoters - includes gigs, reviews, related info etc.

Guitar Websites - Links to popular web sites for Guitarists

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Special Irish Links Begorrah sure it had 2b done boyo ;-).








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