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Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Ideas 2 - here's a few more creative booster books aimed at improving all sorts of activities. Try out the some of the techniques outlined in these guides and you can't help but get better - whatever level. If you missed the start you can visit Creative Writing Ideas Part 1.

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Creative Writing Ideas

creative writing idea book width=55 height=90 Creative Whack Pack Roger Von Oech

Beat the "Creative Writing Block Blues" with these truly mind-opening methods. I love this guy's work and his "Whack on the Side of the Head" book is one of my faves of all time in that field.

Creative Writing Ideas

Next up, we have a longtime particular favorite here at UNI-GTR+

creative writing idea book width=74 height=90  The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Don't laugh... Musicians/Songwriters and Artists from all over the world (including yours-truly), have been raving on for decades about this Brain-Opening Manual! This type of info is hard to put a price on. You could go through your entire life and never twig it...

Thanks to Ger C for leading me to it.

Right brain techniques can be used with incredible results in many fields. After reading and trying a simple exercise in the first chapter, your results will improve almost immediately. Utilize this powerful right-brain techniques in your Creative Writing and you'll come on in leaps and bounds.

Also recommended by the same author..

creative writing idea book width=72 height=90 Drawing on the Artist Within

Another winner to benefit all arteests and peeoples". This one covers a multitude of arts, but of course many of these techniques can all be used to help in the creative writing department.

Lucky Penny width=51 height=45 5-Pillar Club Membership

Use your naturally creative musician skills to write, and build an empire! If you wanna learn from the best "How to Make Money with your Computer" from home, try some free, mind-opening 5-Day E-Mail Courses from this ingenious club Look out for the Writer's Master's Course - invaluable info on magic words that apply just as much to lyrics as online biz - communication.

The free downloads available at this club are legendary - and you'll be astounded at what they tell you and IS possible. I have to warn yez all ... limited time only.


Don't forget to check out our stunning collection of...

Creative Writing Ideas - Essentials

Creative Writing - Can't Do Without Books/Essentials Exactly that - and ways to effectively use that bloomin' dictionary, thesaurus tips, rhyming rhythms ...





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