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Guitar Amplifiers

The Guitar Amplifier is just as important as any other link in your sound-chain. Many players spend a fortune on guitars and effects and cut corners on Guitar Amplifiers themselves - All Pros agree... Big Mistake If You Want Mega Tone! Here we look at the legendary Marshall amp.

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Marshall DSL100 Silver Edition 100 Watt All-Tube Head

Marshall 1960A 4x12 Angled Cabinet


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Euro Cyberstore width=16 height=16 UK Music Store width=16 height=11 Marshall 1960AhW 4x12 Angled Cabi


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Guitar Amplifiers Here's a UniGTR recorded at a live gig in Dublin, Ireland a few years back ... Marshall Amp Demo - live gig. A 100 Watt Bass Head with some very old speakers (can't remember what they were). Oldies but goldies. Sadly they gave up a few years ago :).

Guitar Amplifiers - Marshall DS100

Check out this excellent official guitar amplifier demo from Gearwire/Marshall which takes apart the tones of the Marshall DS100. Demo-ed by Rob Math from Marshall. The Marshall DSL100 is part of the JCM 2000 series and used by the likes of Gary Moore - nuff said! This DSL100 guitar video presentation comes in 2 parts.






Marshall DSL100 #1

Marshall DSL100 #2






Guitar Amplifiers - Marshall DS100
  • This is a 100 watt 2 channel/2 modes clean/crunch lead 1/2tube amp (also comes in a 50 watt version).
  • Rob says in the video that this amp is the "Harley" in the Marshall range - like it immediately!
  • Covers all features of the Marshall DSL100 amp, tone scoop, spring reverb, effects levels, channel demos, hi-gain demos, cool country twang sounds, surf ala Dick Dale, Jazzy chordal stuff, vintage crunch, the legendary Plexi sounds and lots of others.
  • Well presented video includes an excellent Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Blues sound demo, and I can also hear some Hendrix, Van Halen, slap bass stuff in there too.
  • Serious amp for Rockers and related genres - you can't go to far wrong with this Marshall. Slightly expensive but you get what you pay for - legendary Marshall tone and power.
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