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Blues Guitar Scale

Blues Guitar Scale - does one exist? hmmm ... Here's a quick look at this popular scale which is often heard in many types of music not just good ol' Blues.

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Blues Guitar Scale

The basic Minor Pentatonic scale is shown below and then the added "blues" notes are thrown in. These will help make this pentatonic scale sound even more bluesy.

Blues Guitar Scale - Basic in A Here's the common garden variety Minor Pentatonic scale in A - it gets it's name from the fifth note on the low E string which is the note A. A 5 note scale - Greek: penta = 5.

This pattern can be moved (transposed) to anywhere on the neck. For example if you move it down 2 frets the pattern would be in G.

A Minor Pentatonic Scale width=396 height=138

Basic Blues Guitar Scale A 5th Fret


Here's the scale over the whole neck with the note names - in this case A C D E G . it just repeats itself after the 12th fret as usual.

Guitar Scale width=572 height=138
Basic Blues Guitar Scale A Complete

Blues Guitar Scale A

Now to spice it up a bit we can add the "blues notes" as they're often called. In this case the note D# and it's octave.

Blue Guitar Scale A width=396 height=138
Blues Guitar "Scale" A plus "blues" note Fret 5

And here's the pattern over the whole neck.

A Blue Guitar Scale width=572 height=138
Blues Guitar "Scale" A

Use these new notes as passing tones and don't land on or hold them to add a nice bluesy feel to your solo.





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