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Pentatonic Minor Scale Video/Tab

Pentatonic Minor Scale: One of the most popular, easy and much loved scales of guitar players, is the common gardener variety - Minor Pentatonic Scale. Its a 5 note scale (Greek: penta = 5), and heard in many styles of music particularly Blues, and it's a good starting point for a bit of easy but effective soloing. It's played with 3 or 4 fingers - many Blues Masters just use or used 3. It's very easy to learn and use - the trick is to make it interesting.

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The Pentatonic Minor Scale Tab Here's the standard 5th position A Pentatonic Minor Scale. It's a very effective sounding scale and it's what's known as a blanket scale. It "covers" all chords in a standard Blues progression and fits in over all of them. Check out the video to see and hear it.
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Guitar Chart Diagram - A Pentatonic Minor Scale 5th Position

Beginners Guitar Lesson - The Minor Pentatonic Scale Video

The Pentatonic Minor Pentatonic Scale  
Use 3 or 4 fingers to play it - eg play the first/root note A (on Low E-String) with index finger #1, and the extra note C on the 8th fret with either the third or 4th finger.
Play the next notes in the scale (D and E on A string) with the first and 3rd fingers and so on.
Many advanced Blues players like say Eric Clapton use mostly just the 3 fingers and it's a good place to start.
Feel free to experiment with this as you gain proficiency with using the scale.

Pentatonic Minor Scale Video

  • This video is aimed at beginner players
  • Right hand and left hand techniques are clearly shown - includes building a right hand picking anchor.
  • The video itself is well presented in a friendly manner with a nice demo classic lick thrown in for good measure.
  • Note: this scale as shown on the 5th fret position should theoretically end on the A note 5th fret not the C note 8th fret - but the C note is included in the scale so no harm done there.
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