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Guitar Pentatonic Scale Video

Guitar Pentatonic Scale: This video covers how to cover the complete neck with the basic Pentatonic Minor scale - the mainstay Blues and Rock staple. This video is from the famous Berklee school of music.

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Guitar Pentatonic Scale Video Lesson - Beginner Level

How to cover the complete guitar neck with the Pentatonic Minor scale in A.

How to expand this scale from the basic 5th position




Guitar Pentatonic Scale Video Notes Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, Joe Musella explains the Pentatonic scale - the quintessential tool for playing classic rock guitar scales in this Berklee guitar lesson.
  • How to approach playing the scale all over the neck
  • Which righthand picking pattern you use
  • Playing from the Root position, flat 3rd, 4th, 5th, flat 7th
  • Which lefthand fingering positions to use
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