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Guitar Players

Guitar Players who have made a mark on the musical universe. This is not by any means a complete collection but a few of my favorites who I think are excellent to learn certain styles from. I suggest budding guitar players take apart their CDs, and select songs to learn by EAR and Tab. And you will be well rewarded with some class guitar skills.

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Guitar Players Supreme!
Gary Moore / His hard-rock 90s phase is demonstrated amazingly on this CD and video - see the man in action on the top of his form!
Allan Holdsworth Fusion/Jazz/?/Incredible - Tech guitar players player!
Joe Satriani Modern/Technique/80s Innovator on ...
Steve Vai Technique/Sense of Humor/Dedicated
Albert King Vintage US Blues/Blues Master Supreme
Vintage Fleetwood Mac Vintage British/ The Art of Less is More to a t!
Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Legend/Cool Texas Blues
Elvis Presley Sun Sessions - Scotty Moore The King/Excellent Scotty Moore on Electric Guitar
Beatles Experimental and wonderful/Legend
Uli Jon Roth Master of the Electric Sun style/Neo Innovator
Yngvie Malmsteen Harmonic Minor King/Neo Shredder Supreme (stay off the Blues Yngvie Pleese :)
Randy Rhoads/Serious Dedicated Innovator/Coming Soon ...
Coldplay Tasty and sparse guitar and music style/Atmospheric Guitar Mini-Masterpieces in Action
U2 - The Edge The King of delay/Play with that Lump of Coal Dave Evans!
Steve Morse Mix n' Match Master
Albert Lee - coming soon
Thin Lizzy Classic Rock/My Faves
Jimi Hendrix The Boss/Jimi's presence is still strongly felt and acknowledged by many world-class players today
Eric Johnson Multi-talented and Tone Crazy Master!
Eddie Van Halen Say n'more
Paco De Lucia Flamenco at it's awe-inspiring best
Larry Carlton Jazzy from Elevator to ?





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