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Gary Moore

Gary Moore's - Corridors of Power CD is an album well worth studying for any up and coming Rock guitarist. Contains some seriously fret-blistering work from this axe-master. Check out the video below for a great example of some cool Strat fretwork.

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Gary Moore - Corridors of Power This is great 80s rock album with some strong songs, some big hits and some awesome guitar work from Gary Moore.

Impressive soloing, riffs, vocals, delivery and all drenched in emotion. From the startling and impressive End of the World blistering intro, to the emotionally driven I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow with it's fantastic build up and another excellent solo performance by Gary Moore.

Ok some of the album is well dated to the 80s especially the snare sounds, and Moore was obviously going for the big 80s ballad scene too. But it doesn't detract from the overall appeal of its classic guitar based rock.

Not a tap or sweeping arpeggio in sight and all the better for it - this is "old-school pay yer dues and play" stuff. Gary absolutely PUNISHES his poor oul Strat during this phase of his playing! See the video below to see what I mean.


Gary Moore on Video

End Of The World (Live) Video @ Youtube




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