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Hi from me David the site webmaster, and a big welcome - I hope you're enjoying it. Here's a brief musical background of myself, my guitar-playing, music, and the UniGTR+ Center itself.

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Advertise Your Guitar Site

UniGTR+++% Internet Newbie ...

When I started off on the Internet I had absolutely no idea about Search Engines, Traffic Building, HTML or indeed any of the things necessary for a successful web site. One day after months of researching and surfing (and almost thinking that the idea of Work from Home or WFH was not possible), I 'landed' on a page that was to change my way of thinking about the 'Net completely.

It was a club called the 5 Pillar Club and it was even free to join, so I jumped in and I've never looked back! As a club member I learned exactly all about building and promoting sites and all the other wonderful things connected with it. It was a real eye-opener and a great education for me. The 5 Pillar Club are dedicated to showing people how to get results for their web-sites in terms of what's called Targeted Traffic. This is traffic that consists of people who are totally interested in your web site content - for example that's how you found me here because you are a guitar player or musician, searching on the web and that's how you landed on this site - welcome :).

This targeted traffic is mainly achieved through an amazing piece of software called Site Build It, which is also frequently known as SBI. Well actually the 5 Pillar Club as I've said, teaches a person all they need to know about building a successful web-site and promoting it to the stage of reaching a desired audience and then the fun begins.

This could be any audience such as a business crowd, potential buyers, interested hobbyist and so on. Site Build It is the software that actually makes it all possible in the end to build and reach this audience - it actually tells you what people are searching for AND how many pages are on the Internet on this subject already! AND it does all the "Donkey Work" for you like building pages and so on - so it's very cleverly designed to be used by anyone.

 Results Here is a results page which can show you this much better than I can explain it with words :) ... The proof is in the pudding as they say, and these are all Site Build It sites which are in the top 1% out of millions of pages online - yes millions! Click here to see some SBI results... Btw I'm very happy to report that you can see this site in there under Hobbies, and it's climbing all the time.

Site Build It encourages people to build and promote web sites which are about subjects they are passionate and knowledgeable about, and provide quality information on the subject. Then it shows you how to get lots of Targeted Traffic to the site. It also teaches you how to turn this Targeted Traffic into Business! This can be on any subject that you like such as your hobby, interests, current business, or the endless ideas you might come up with yourself. You can imagine the endless possibilities.

With this simple to use software, even a total beginner to the online world can build and take a web-site to the top 1% in the Alexa ratings - in other words on the whole Internet! Or what about number one positions on Google or Yahoo for related Search Terms or Buzz Words for your site. SBI sites are blowing the established online veteran sites out of the water! As they say where I come from "Talk is Cheap", so here's a little evidence to back all this up.


Thanks to SBI, here are just a few Top 5 and No. 1 positions and listings I have on both of these 'Net giants Google and Yahoo. I'm in the top 5 in Google for the search term Basic Chord Families and to give you an idea of my "business" end of things, I've written an e-book which I sell online about these guitar chord families etc., and you can see it over there to the right - hey you can order it online right here if you like :).

Ok so I think that's a good example of the idea in action. Just a very small example of how to approach this, there are lots of options open to anyone.


Basic Chord Families width=75 height=100

Basic Chord families

... and here's a Number 1 position I scored on Yahoo with the Buzz Word or Keywords Blues Icon Music. Again a very closely related subject with this site, and here, after offering a beneficial and related informative article, perhaps a free lesson, I offer tips or sell what's known as affiliated products to my interested visitors - many products I successfully use myself!

In this case CD's that I own and love and which can also help players expand their Blues knowledge by listening and learning from these hand-picked masters. Best thing is, I love this subject and giving Blues and Guitar lessons is something I've also enjoyed over the years anyway. That's why it's recommended to write about your passions - work?

If you see a page in the list at Google or Yahoo from the BellaOnline Musicians site well that's me too :). This is the world's second largest site online for woman! I say this not to blow my own trumpet, but to demonstrate what's possible even for a relative newcomer to the game.

As I'm sure you know, Google and Yahoo are respectively the most popular online Search Engine and Directory today, and they see millions of viewers a month, billions a year. On that Targeted Traffic note, I also have achieved great positions with the other big players such as Alta Vista, MSN, Jeeves and so on - and all possible because of that fateful day I found the 5 Pillar Club and of course Site Build It.

Have a Look Yourself

Interested in having a look? Here's where you can find out more and sign 'n' join up with the 5 Pillar Club - at the moment it's still free but that situation could change. So if you're curious, I would recommend that you at least have a look now and see what you think while it's still free.

And here's a link to the Site Build It Quicktour which gives a good idea of what's possible with SBI. If you have an idea in mind which you think might be a good runner, you can ask them related questions for free with the SBI Questions Form

I firmly believe in this idea and software and I'm certainly not alone here - they have a huge and respected reputation online which is growing all the time. But don't just take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

And here's the kicker ... even if you don't want to go for the SBI software, you can actually promote it anywhere on AND off-line and make a high commission on it! Now that is a no-lose situation - think about it. This can supplement your income while you learn or play the guitar or ... who knows?!

Here's a download e-book that explains how to to do this very well. It's called The Affiliate Masters Course - well worth investigation at least. Oh and it's free too - can't lose right!

Guitars, Music, PCs, SBI and the 5P Club - I have to say as I said be4 ... I adore them!

So that's my little story of how the UniGTR+ Center came to be, and I hope you enjoyed reading about the journey as much as I did making it ... and I'm still enjoying it :).

If I can be of any help here just drop me a line, indeed if you have any questions related to guitar playing, music, learning and/or WFH I'd be delighted to hear from you -  contact me at UniGTR+ Contact

And if you too get bitten by the bugs welcome aboard :)!

All the best





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