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Basic Chord Families

Basic Chord Families to suit standard lefthand guitar players is now available.



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UniGTR+ Presents ...

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Sing 'n' Play Now! Performance Guide

Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar

"Have you ever wondered if there's a way to cover songs without learning tons and tons of chords, shapes, majors, minors, major, minor and dominant sevenths, ninths, thirteenths, more extensions, whatever?" ... the list goes endlessly on.

Let's face it, there's A LOT of chords out there to be learned. You'd need a super-memory to remember them all not to mention learn them all. But wait a minute, do you really need to spend years absorbing countless chords that you will probably never use or maybe just use the odd time? I asked myself.

Well the good news for us guitar players (southpaws and standard), is that not only is it NOT necessary to learn all of these chords, but also with the right knowledge and aforethought, you can drastically cut this learning curve and really SPEED the whole process up! Instead of learning hundreds and thousands of chords, some of which you might only use once or twice, Basic Chord Families will show you how to understand and play tons of songs with less than 60 chords!

If you are shown the right groups of chords to learn, and apply yourself to absorbing and using these chords over a few weeks, your playing will come on in leaps and bounds! Almost immediately in some cases!
  • Imagine, no more guessing which chords go together and trying to piece the puzzle which can take years to work out! This ebook will show you which groups and shapes you need to learn to cover tons of songs - FAST! Been there got the t-shirt - my advice on this? Avoid these AAARGGHH moments by sussing out this stuff now once and for all.
  • It will show you ways to learn and memorize the necessary chords you need.
  • You can also use this information in your original song-writing and chord construction. Knowing these "secrets" will give you a solid understanding of the very principles of song construction.

And when you have learned and absorbed these groups you can progress further, safe in the knowledge that you have a strong foundation to build on. This will allow you to get into more advanced work if that's what you want to explore..

Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar - Your Author

I've been a musician myself for over 25 years now, and 20 of those years have been involved in playing live in many different situations - from small get-togethers at parties, to playing in front of huge crowds of 1000s. In my travels I've met and played with many a super and incredible musician from Ireland and the world, including Meatloaf, Pat Travers, Hazel O'Connor, Gary Moore, Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy, Def Leppard's Joe Elliot, Jazz guitar legend Louis Stewart and a few more along the way - thanks for the inspiration and hello to you all! I even have the privilege to count among my many musician friends a fellow Dubliner who taught "The Edge" from U2 in the early days! Now how's that for street cred :). Where I come from, Beautiful Ireland, music and musicans are a way of life - hi all!


Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar width=150 height=200

So I've HAD to learn these chord groups to cover all the different songs I've played over time, and to be honest it took me years before I had this info learned and absorbed, before life and guitar playing "got easy" :). Without this info which I have included in Basic Chord Families, Play 1000s of Songs With These Chords ... I would never have managed it.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still learning about music every day as we all as players should, but I build on strong foundations to speed it all up, which are of course included in this e-book. So do yourself a favor and learn this stuff as soon as you can - this e-book will allow you to learn it in a much shorter time than trying to ferret out the information yourself. It really can knock YEARS off the learning process for you.

Some of the subjects covered are:


  • The building blocks which you can build mountains on!
  • Meet a super friend to your playing, or a progress-hindering enemy!
  • How to immediately multiply your Guitar Chord options and increase your sound possibilities immensely.
  • Clear, Standard Lefthand Guitar Color Diagrams used throughout     >>>        >>>          >>>

B Dom 7th Chord width=147 height=118

  • THE huge aid to memorization
  • Rhythm Counting - this will give you an "aha so that's how they do it" moment if you don't use it already!
  • The 3 MAGIC chords and how to use them effectively - think Beatles!
  • How to easily remember the essential families you constantly need to know.
  • Understand Tab once and for all - recommended primer.



Worried if it's for your playing style? Well rest assured it WILL suit you no matter what style of song you're into. The info you will pick up in this ebook suits ALL styles of music.

Backed By Over 25 years Guitar Experience!

Remember the Basic Chord Families series is backed up by over 25 years PERSISTENCE LEARNING and GIGGING EXPERIENCE. I know that any player can benefit greatly from this knowledge and these chord families are the first thing I teach many of my students - it's a must for any player who wants to know what he or she is up to. AND it shortens the learning curve by a VAST amount of time! And I mean VAST!

Special Offer:

Order now and receive a super free e-book with vital tuning info and experienced tips ...

Guitar Tuning Guide width=75 height=100

UniGTR+ Guitar Tuning Tips

Keeping your guitar tuned is THE first step in sounding HOT and Professional! Tune-up perfectly and THEN play is the order of the day. Even intermediate players might pick up a tip or two from these experienced guitar tuning tips.

PLUS PLUS PLUS - And as an extra, extra bonus, if you have any questions or queries on any part of the program well that's no problem - just fire off a quick e-mail to me and I'll help you as much as I can with whatever it is you need help with. A personal contact to answer your chord family queries and questions!

I've helped hundreds of guitar students over the years from all walks of life and I love to teach! Now I don't think you can get much fairer than that, but hey if you still feel that Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar is not for you for any reason well that's no problem.

If you find that you are not happy with Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar, or if you just decide that it's not for you, just send me an e-mail and I'll promptly refund you no questions asked! I'll even let you keep the book as my gift to you for trying it out and I'm happy to do so. I believe in that well known old adage of "Keeping the Customer Happy at All Times" - I call it ...

"Going the Extra Mile with a Smile" :)!

So to sum up ...

  • This full color e-book with Standard Lefthand guitar chord diagrams, shows you the necessary chord groups needed to cover many popular songs in all keys.
  • These basic families turn up in music time and time again, and once learned and absorbed will do you for life! Knowing how they are related and used together is the way forward, and it's shown and explained here very clearly.
  • Includes the free UniGTR+ Guitar Tuning Tips.
  • Includes 60 day e-mail support for the program (your very own experienced personal music-question answerer!).

So how much would these "secrets" cost me I hear you ask :) ... well what I can offer you is this ...

You can learn all the secrets and gain from my over 25 years musician experience which I've included in Basic Chord Families - - Standard Lefthand Guitar plus the Guitar Tuning Tips, and 60 day e-mail support, for the cut-price of only * $14.95! That's a VERY small price to pay to cut off years of sniffing around in different places for this vital info wouldn't you agree? At the price of a private guitar lesson lasting on average one hour, but this info will last you a musical lifetime.


Order Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar @ $14.95 

* The Basic Chord Family series sale-price is $19.95, but the series is currently on a special short term introductory offer at only $14.95 which must end shortly. If the Paypal order page still lists the price as $14.95 the offer is still available - sorry if you missed it. But on that note, this info is worth it at either price when you add up the time it will save you. That can be years in many cases!

Basic Chord Families - Standard Lefthand Guitar width=150 height=200


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Clicking the above Click Here To Pay button will take you to a Paypal ordering page. For added security look out for the listed Paypal seller info under the name "univers1 @ ***.com " or musician at bellaonline. This is our secure Paypal order processing account. Here you can quickly fill in your ordering details, a quick download and you can be starting on the material in minutes. In a few weeks following the fast absorption tips and info contained within, you won't know yourself!

Well that's our end of the Basic Chords Families story told - the rest is up to you. Let's finish up by just saying that this info can make all the difference in your guitar playing and save you years of ferreting out this info yourself. Do you want to become a dependable, respected player who knows their stuff? Get on the right track now - good luck in your playing and ... thanks for staying with me.





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