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Guitar Scales and Modes

Guitar Scales and Modes - Approaching lead guitar using scales and modeshere we show a basic breakdown of modes, scales and arpeggios. Also we take a look at a good system for learning lead guitar techniques using these as building blocks for a solo.

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Guitar Scales and Modes / Arpeggios
  • If you want to play lead guitar there are a few approaches you can take. Basically you can learn and use Guitar Scales + Modes, and/or Arpeggios.
  • A Guitar Scale is simply a group of notes played in a certain order - there are of course 12 notes to choose from A to G which includes flats and sharps. A scale simply takes chosen notes from the 12 notes available and puts them in a certain order. e.g.


  • C Major Scale C D E F G A B C / 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Modes are like "mini-scales" - each mode (there are 7), starts and ends on a note taken from any scale.

e.g. D Dorian Scale (Same notes as C Major scale but starts/ends on the 2nd note D)
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1
  • Arpeggios used in lead Guitar solos, are basically the tones of any chord played as individual notes.
e.g. (Example Notes taken from C Major scale)
C Major Chord
Scale C D E F G A B C
Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Notes of a Major Chord 1   3    5 = The 1 3 5 is equal to the notes C E G taken from the C Major scale. These notes will also fit in solowise over a progression which includes this chord. This formula can be pushed to a very advanced stage. It's the staple diet of jazz soloing for example.
  • A mixture of guitar scales and modes with a few nice arpeggios thrown in can lead to amazing soloing results.
  • Study Tips Below is our Guitar Scales + Modes UniGTR+ researched recommendation for the Electric/Acoustic Player of Beginner to Advanced level. Excellent for those wanting to play Lead Guitar in any style using some of the above mentioned principles and techniques.

Guitar Scales + Modes : Guitar Scales Method






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Guitar Scales Method


Guitar Scales Method This is a great guitar solo software / course for beginners to advanced players, as it covers theory and practice skills needed for all levels.

It's got some good systems going for it and needs your input to work of course - but work at it regularly and it will make a positive difference to your playing.



Guitar Scales + Modes / Guitar Scales Method

Here's an excerpt of some of the ground covered.

 ... If you want to develop top-class guitar scales, modes and improvisation skills, then the Guitar Scales Method (GSM) is the tool that will make your dreams come true.
GSM is a multimedia software that teaches you, plays with you, trains and drills you with accelerated learning techniques, and takes you step by step from your current level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) all the way to total mastery of scales, modes, and improvisation.
In fact the method is so revolutionary and effective that it only takes a few weeks before you actually develop the kind of skills most guitar players can only dream about:
  • The ability to put your hand anywhere on the fret-board and play in any key without hesitation.
  • The ability to improvise effortlessly even on fast-changing chords and keys.
  • The ability to know instantly and effortlessly what scale and mode to use on any chord.
  • The ability to play instantly and effortlessly any scale in any key, anywhere on the fret-board.
  • The ability to use artfully the unique "colors" of each different note in a scale.
  • The ability to play great solos on any chord sequence.
  • The ability to improvise an endless stream of creative musical phrases.
  • The ability to start and close your musical phrases with powerful and meaningful notes.
The ability to use even your occasional mistakes in building ingenious musical phrases that enchant your listeners. Most guitar players can only dream about such abilities, and yet these exciting skills can be developed with relative ease if you have a smart learning strategy and effective tools -- which is exactly what the Guitar Scales Method gives you ...


Guitar Scales + Modes Method

This is a good system which incorporates some very useful learning strategies, and gives out some solid tips for learning students. For example it gives a good clear explanation of what's called here the "Hard Concrete Principle", which will speed up your learning fast and SOLIDLY! Also includes some innovative methods to push your absorption skills such as a Progress Map. A good Learning Drill program is needed to make most use of this system which includes an e-book with integrated software. A demo version to try is also available and I would recommend a look at this if you need further details.

I have to say that I didn't think the backing tracks in the demo version weren't great to listen to, but they serve their purpose for learning well.


UniGTR+ recommends this course for beginners to advanced players, who want to improve their guitar scale and modes knowledge / soloing skills in all areas. Click here to go to Guitar Scales and Modes Method Site





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