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Make Money Gigging/Tips

If you want the best, try to invest! You can keep costs to a minimum but a good investment will pay for itself in many ways. So if your on a budget choose your Make - Money strategies carefully.

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Musicians Lucky Penny width=30 height=26Get the band some stage-clothes and wear them only during the gig. Something very special! For a pro touch, get some lights.
  • The more gear you collectively own, the less hiring you need to do = More Profit. This equipment, if chosen wisely will pay for itself in no time. Buy quality.
  • Using a dedicated Drum Machine and the best Keyboard or Module you can afford, will improve the overall sound-quality immensely. It's a necessity if you want to have Professional Tracks playing behind you. Makes life easier an' all that..separates the men from the boys.
  • A good way to upgrade the bands gear, is to each contribute a small amount of cash into a kitty each week. Buy some gear out of it every few weeks. Maybe keep some as an emergency fund, for sudden van repairs or equipment breakdowns if your not hiring.
  • Once you have an initial set under your belt, make a habit of passing on new tunes to each other to learn and gig. Keep this up on a regular basis and it stays fresh for everyone. Hold REGULAR meetings, especially in the beginning, (maybe in the pub sometimes!). You can do a lot of e-mailing to each other on the oul Net

  • Also in the beginning, Rehearse like crazy! One distinctly HUGE advantage of using backing tracks, is when it comes to learning and rehearsing songs. It's so easy to e-mail midi-files to each other, learn your respective bits, and then meet up and practice it in someone's front room. I've rehearsed on a 'plane on the way to the gig - ;-).
  • Except maybe before your very first gigs, you don't need to hire a rehearsal studio, just run thru' the stuff at low sound levels. Blast it out at a sound check before and then during the gig. It's a great buzz to finally hear your programming and the band at full tilt. Yeh!
  • If it's the magic 3 your going for, try to team up with a versatile and experienced Frontman, who's good at getting a crowd going. Without a full line-up and the visual advantages of a drummer and bass-player, it's important for the band to try and create as much presence on stage as possible.
  • Design and make a big backdrop and use as good a lighting show as you can afford. Build it up over time. These added extras will separate your band, from all the other Riff-Raff, as Basil Fawlty might say!
  • Coming Soon - To follow up on more info about make money n' music, gigging, How to get Gigs Abroad... ahh Sunny Espaņa ... or how about Making Great Demo Packages? Mini Press-Kits that will magically get your foot in many a door...

If your worried about things like cop-ping out by using "machines" instead of real musicians, you can always console yourself with the wonderful words uttered by Liberace, when he was once accused of "selling out".

He said, "Yes I know, I cried myself all the way to the bank" ;-).

Hope you enjoyed and picked up some useful tips and info in our Make Money - Makin' Music Special. Make Money - Makin' Music Part 1





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