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Online Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Online Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Check out these handy mnemonics to help remember chords and the like on your acoustic or electric. Also we take a look at an Acoustic Guitar Workshop, a good solid program aimed at many levels of playing - from basic fingerstyle picking to advanced Ry Cooder style slide.

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Online Acoustic Guitar Lesson
  • Use a memory trick to remember the chord families quicker. eg. To remember the little family C F G Am, you could use a simple phrase such as ... A minor Change For Good.
  • Use a mnemonic (memory jog) that relates to yourself or friends. Silly ones are allowed and the best! Ahem ...I still remember mine from years ago but I shan't say n'more 'cept ... Thank's Gerry, me Car is Done! ;-).
  • Always try to learn the piece or chords first by ear. Then hit the tab books and videos later.
  • Here's our UniGTR+ researched recommendation for Acoustic Guitar Experienced Beginner/Intermediate Level. 

The Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Online Acoustic Guitar lesson Courses currently available...

  • Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues A 10 lesson course in the art of acoustic fingerstyle blues.
  • Pentatonic To The Blues A course in 9 lessons that illuminates the link between Pentatonic and Blues scales.
  • Acoustic Blues Slide & Bottleneck Guitar This course includes 6 great acoustic slide instrumentals and takes you in logical steps, assuming no prior knowledge of the style, to playing like a regular Ry Cooder!
  • Beginning Fingerstyle A 10 lesson mixed-style course introducing you to the art of fingerstyle.
  • Beginners Guitar 19 lessons ideal for people new to the acoustic guitar and guitar in general. Cover all the bases: blues, rock, folk, fingerstyle, learn cool strumming patterns, basic scales and chords.
  • Jazz Blues Chord Workshop This 11 session course takes the 12 bar format and shows you how to really stretch it with a knowledge of jazz chords, substitutions, key changes and other tricks.

Here's a simple example from one of the Blues courses to demonstrate:

Online Acoustic Guitar lesson
Exercise 3

Try increasing the rhythm of the top line, first with triplets and then with eighth note patterns.

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Online Acoustic Guitar lesson - UniGTR+ Recommends

All in all a good solid course for acoustic players of various levels. Well presented by a competent, recognized player/teacher with over 30 years experience. Go to the Acoustic Guitar Workshop Site





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