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Online Guitar Lesson

Online Guitar Lessons for beginner acoustic players. Includes naming guitar parts video, tips on what to learn starting off, and a recommended beginner's resource to check out.

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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Part 1 - Naming the Parts of an Acoustic Guitar






  • Online Guitar Lesson - Beginners Naming the Parts of an Acoustic + Functions
  • Unigtr+ strongly recommends NOT filing down frets!




Online Guitar Lesson - In the beginning whatever style of music you want to play, it's best to learn the basic guitar chord families,and get to know them inside out by regular use. These families are the common song building "groups" which most popular tunes are based on. This will enable you to basically play a good useable version of almost ANY song and style. 
  • Online Guitar Lesson Picking simple 3 and 4 chord tunes written by other people and learning them moves you forward fast. The Beatles are a popular place to look for great examples showing these simple guitar chords and progressions used to the max and more! This is a very fast way to inspire you to learn lots of chords and more importantly, how to put them together and use 'em! Nirvana's a good place to study too.
  • Online Guitar Lesson VITAL: Get yourself a good guitar chord tutor book to begin with. For fastest progress, don't waste time by picking up bits and pieces here and there. Get the primer and STUDY and ABSORB the basics.

Here's our UniGTR+ researched recommendation for this Beginner to Intermediate Acoustic Guitar level below.



Guitar Made Easy








Beginners Guitar Made Easy width=139 height=200

Guitar Made Easy 


Guitar Made Easy is a popular online guitar learning course aimed at total beginners to intermediate. It covers all the basics you need to learn and is also structured to help players of some experience to get rid of bad habits. Subjects covered include:

  • Chord Structure
  • Chord Changing
  • Guitar Tuning
  • Fundamental 4/4 rhythm
  • Handy tips to get the beat rolling
  • 3/4 rhythm structure and practice routine
  • Chords, chords and more chords
  • Common chord combinations and variations
  • Practice songs
  • History and terminology of guitar



The author has 20 years of guitar playing and teaching experience. Also includes a free bonus in the form of the "Ultimate Guide To Reading Guitar Tab". It's recommended here that all players should learn how to at least read Tablature for study purposes - it's easy enough to pick up but very a effective tool to have under your belt.

This eBook is perfect for those looking to master the basics of guitar or improve their play from the beginner who wants to simply learn how play correctly, to the more experienced player who wants to eliminate bad habits and totally MASTER the basics!

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