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Record Company

Record company listings. Want to get a record deal from one of the majors? Not so easy that one, but you gotta start somewhere. Here's the contact address and submission policy details for some of the biggies. There are ways to get your foot in the door, you need to follow the company's submission policies to the letter.

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Sony Record Company
  • Corporate URL http://www.sonymusic.com
  • Submission Statement - see below
Gigantic worldwide music corporation with roots going back to the late 1880s. Includes
Columbia Records (mixed),
Epic Records (mixed),
Legacy Recordings (rare and collectible),
Sony Classical, Sony Nashville (country),
Sony Wonder (childrens and family entertainment audio, video and film titles).

Varied Artists Roster includes:


Shakira Britney Spears Aerosmith Jessica Simpson Billy Joel Michael Jackson Johhny Cash Aerosmith Anastacia Marc Anthony Aswad Chet Atkins Jeff Beck Beyonce Black Sabbath Michael Bolton The Boomtown Rats David Bowie Sarah Brightman Jeff Buckley Mariah Carey Mary Chapin Carpenter Paddy Casey The Chieftains Cypress Hill Celine Dion Dixie Chicks Duran Duran Bob Dylan Gloria Estefan Aretha Franklin Macy Gray Billie Holiday Silverchair Frank Sinatra Soul Asylum Stevie Ray Vaughan

Sony Submission Statement: Sony Music does not accept unsolicited submissions of any recorded materials.

Universal Record Company
  • Corporate URL http://www.umusic.ca/index.html
  • Label imprints include Geffen, Interscope, Island, Motown, and Universal.

Universal Submission Statement:

  • You can send your demos via snail mail or courier to the A&R department at Universal Music Canada's head office, ATTENTION A&R, c/o 2450 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 1,Toronto, ON., M2J 5H3
  • Submit no more than 3 songs from any one project. If sending a demo through mail or courier, include a return address, phone number and email address.
  • Get full updated submission details on the umusic.ca site before you send anything.

U2 Black Eyed Peas 50 Cent Diana Krall Beck The Who Bryan Adams Audioslave Beck Mary J Blige Blink 182 Bon Jovi The Cardigans Johnny Cash Elvis Costello Counting Crows Sheryl Crow Jamie Cullum The Cure Def Leppard Melissa Etheridge Peter Gabriel Guns N Roses PJ Harvey Kaiser Chiefs Keane Marilyn Manson Bob Marley and the Wailers O Canada Pharrell Robert Plant Prince The Pussycat Dolls Queens of the Stone Age The Rasmus Gwen Stefani Sting Marty Stuart Shania Twain U2 Stevie Wonder



E.M.I. Record Company

  • Corporate URL http://www.emimusicpub.com 

Beyonce, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Pink, Jay-Z, Elmer Bernstein, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Alicia Keys, James Blunt, Sean Paul, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliot, Edwin Starr, LL Cool J, Jessica Simpson, Enya, Vanessa Brown, Jagged Edge, Weird Al Yankovic, Lional Richie


EMI Submission Statement:

It is the strict policy of EMI Music Publishing not to accept unsolicited tapes or other materials. Any such tapes or materials, if inadvertently opened by any EMI Music Publishing employee, will not be reviewed or copied.

How can I get a publishing deal?

Your songs need to be heard by someone in the creative department. If he or she thinks that they can work with you and your material, they may offer you a publishing deal in order to get your songs placed on albums and to network you throughout the creative community (i.e. A&R people, other artists).


Virgin Record Company

 Corporate URL http://www.virginrecords.com

Virgin Records started life in the early 1970's as a small, independent label based in London, run by Richard Branson. Today, Virgin Records is part of EMI, the third largest music company in the world. Artists Roster includes:


Robbie Williams, Stacie Orrico, Joss Stone, A Perfect Circle, Richard Ashcroft, Beenie Man, Ben Harper, Meat Loaf, Boz Scaggs, Blue Man Group, Blur, Chemical Brothers, David Bryne, D'Angelo, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Perry Farrell, Gang Starr, Gorillaz, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Massive Attack, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Yanni, 911, Kavana, Korn, The Spice Girls, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, EBTG, Iggy Pop

Can I send Virgin a demo tape of my band?

Virgin Submission Statement:

Sorry, no. It is the policy of Virgin Records America not to accept unsolicited material, which means that we cannot accept recorded material or lyrics unless submitted by a reputable industry source. This source must be a manager, attorney, agent, producer, publisher, promoter, music journalist or similar industry professional, so long as the source has a favorable track record or rapport with our label.





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