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Recording Studios Resources - Recording studios in the home are becoming more commonplace everyday. Here are a few basic essentials you need to get setup.

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Recording Studios - A Suitable Computer

Minimum Music PC Spec's There's nothing more frustrating than trying to run this type of recording/playback software on an underpowered machine, I've been there and it ain't funny - ok but that Commodore C64 was good for golf ;). Here's the suggested Minimum requirements for a Computer to run most general Music Software Packages you'll need. The good news is that most modern machines will pass these basic minimum requirements easily.

  • 600Mhz Processor at least or better - go for as many Gigabytes as u can afford! 1 Gig = 1000 MHz. These days it's not uncommon for entry level computers to have a 2 Gig Processor.
  • 1GB RAM - Smooths things out.
  • 120 Gig Hard Drive - music files are big.
  • CD Burner - essential to make your final Masters.
  • Stable Operating System - Windows XP/Mac.

If your machine already meets these requirements then that's a great start, if it doesn't and you're serious about getting that Music Home Studio together, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

UniGTR+ Recommends (for UK + European Suppliers see left column)

USA flag width=16 height=16 Apple iMac 17"/2.0GHz/1GB/160GB/SuperDrive

Apple iMac 17

The most personal of personal computers comes out packing a powerful punch thanks to the 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The 17" iMac features a 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.0GHz speed and the convenience of an all-in-one design. The result? Turbocharged performance, making it easier-and more fun-than ever to work with digital photos, movies, music, and the web.Dazzling Displays Whether you're surfing the web, editing video, managing photos, or enjoying face-time with far-flung friends, you'll thoroughly enjoy the lush visual experience of working on iMac. With excellent color saturation, the iMac features a cinematic 16:10 wide aspect ratio that's perfect for watching movies. It's a wonderful iLife iMac comes with iLife '06, a suite of easy-to-use applications that make the spectacular a regular part of your everyday life. Enhance, organize and share your photos via iPhoto. Make an epic starring your kid in iMovie. Turn your photo and movie creations into professional DVDs with iDVD. Create original music in GarageBand, even if you can't carry a tune. Make podcasts and blogs. Then publish them online via your .Mac account and the new iWeb.The ultimate see and say There's an iSight camera built into every new iMac, so you can start a video chat (or join one) at a moment's notice. There's nothing extra to buy, nothing to attach, no cords to fumble with, no software to install or configure....

USA flag width=16 height=16 MusicXPC MusicXPC Professional M3 Production Laptop

MusicXPC MusicXPC Professional M3 Production Laptop

The MusicXPC Professional M3 Production Laptop is a sleek, stylish, super-fast mobile notebook ideal for digital music production. It features a beautiful silver and black exterior, light weight, and fast operation. With the M3 you will complete projects in ProTools, Cubase, or Sonar with greater speed and operate your production schedule with the peace of mind that comes from the industry's best backup and restoration utility. Apart from being a top performer for music software, the M3 is mainstream with everything you would expect like USB 2.0, FireWire, Wireless LAN, PC Card Slot, etc., and other features you may not, like Gigabit LAN, DVD+/-RW and live telephone support.The M3 notebook features an Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz CPU, an 80GB 5,400rpm hard drive, 512MB of DDR333 RAM (expandable to 2GB), a 15.4" WXGA wide angle screen that gives you visibility even at off-axis points of view. The M3 comes with a recovery utility that stores the system factory settings outside of the Windows OS world in a host-protected area of the hard drive. This allows you to restore the M3 to the factory even if the hard drive has been accidentally re-formatted. The M3 has Gigabit LAN to improve workflow and play projects stored on other computers via Ethernet; built in 8X DVD+/-RW burner for archiving and more and more and more.The MusicXPC computers excel and differ from most off-the-shelf PCs and Macs in these key areas:1....


Recording Studios - Basic Equipment In the beginning ... If you're totally new to this Home Recording Studios game, it's probably best to start off with an all-in-one system. Keep it all under the one roof, so to speak.

This cuts down the learning curve quite a lot, and saves you jumping from manual to manual. I would suggest something along the lines of the E-MU Emulator System.

"The E-MU X2 offers you a complete Digital Audio System at a price that will change your expectations of desktop recording forever." Fantastic all round performance, I shudder to think what this type of power might have cost only a few short years ago.

The E-MU is a shining example of how home recording studio resources and equipment have come of age. It takes time but this technology has finally reached it's way to the home PC user.

E-MU Emulator X2 Software Sampler

E-MU Emulator X2 Software Sampler

Emulator X2 Software Sampler for PC is the culmination of over 30 years of sampler development that offers the pristine sound quality, powerful synthesis and filters of E-MU's legendary hardware samplers and introduces a host of new groundbreaking tools that includes SynthSwipe automated hardware sampling, TwistaLoop non-destructive audio manipulator, Morph Filter Designer to create custom filters, Multi-Function Generator for advanced LFO/envelope/arpeggiator programming, advanced Transform Multiply convolution DSP tool, real-time control of multiple loop points, REX2 and MP3 import, and much, much more. Emulator X2 still offers the unmatched sound quality of E-MU's pristine 24-bit/192kHz sound engine and patented pitch interpolation, and can be run either standalone (64 MIDI channels) or as a VST instrument (16 MIDI channels per instantiation). Emulator X2 runs on Windows XP and includes over 3GB of sounds and a 2in/2out USB MIDI interface.SynthSwipe SynthSwipe is a sampling tool that will automatically sample and create playable presets from any hardware or software MIDI instrument. Simply set the initial sampling parameters (i.e. key range, how many notes, how many velocities per note, velocity range) and SynthSwipe does the rest with the utmost precision. SynthSwipe is an invaluable tool for sound designers and anyone who wants to bring their old synth and sound module soundsets into the...

Recording Studios - Cubase Starter Bundle Music Software






Steinberg Cubase SE 3 Music Creation & Production System

Steinberg Cubase SE 3 Music Creation & Production System


  • Here's a good starter bundle package, which covers all the recording aspects you'll need to get you going - the power and possibilities available to you in these packages is gigantic. Learn and use a program like this, stick with it, and you'll be amazed at what you can do in your own little studio.
  • Steinberg are the company behind this Recording Studios Industry Standard.



Recording Studios - Cakewalk For another excellent and very popular option try the ever popular Cakewalk.







Cakewalk SONAR 6 Studio Edition

Cakewalk SONAR 6 Studio Edition

  • Record and edit unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI
  • AudioSnap suite of tools includes: Non-destructive audio quantizeQuantize one track with another track's feel, Convert audio beats to MIDI
  • Slip-stretch clips to a new time or length
  • High-quality processing with multiple algorithms including iZoptope Radius, Percussion Mode
  • Per-channel EQ and assignable FX controls in Console view and Track Inspector



UniGTR+ Recommends (for UK + European Suppliers see left column)


USA flag width=16 height=16 Propellerhead Reason 3.0 Sequencing Production Software Hybrid CD Win/Mac


Propellerhead Reason 3.0 Sequencing Production Software Hybrid CD Win/Mac

Propellerhead Reason 3.0 has it all: synthesizers, sequencing, samplers, drum machine, ReCycle-based loop player, mixer, effects, pattern sequencer, and more. As many of each as your computer can handle. Reason is an infinitely expandable music workstation and version 3.0 introduces the Combinator—a sophisticated software device that allows you to build elaborate chains of Reason units— and save as them as patches.Less fuss, more freedomAs a Reason user, you can forget about the downside of music production. Forget malfunctioning modules and confusing connections. Reason's cables don't tangle. Forget about steep learning curves and menus within menus. Reason is so direct you'll learn it in minutes. And forget the tedious process of gathering all the different disks and soundbanks needed to load up a song.Stellar soundThe audio quality is everything you would expect from the people behind ReCycle and ReBirth. But pristine sound quality is only half the story; the instruments and effects in Reason are loaded with character and attitude. Reason will not just impress, it will inspire you.All controls work as their real-life counterpartsEach unit in Reason's virtual rack is edited from its own onscreen front panel. All the sliders, knobs, buttons, and functions are right in front of you, ready to be tweaked, turned, and twisted in absolute real time. And all your front-panel...

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Keyboard and MIDI Controller

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Keyboard and MIDI Controller

At just 17 lbs., the M-Audio ProKeys 88sx digital stage piano delivers excellent sound in a package so light that you can carry it under one arm. Its essential complement of instruments including grand piano, electric pianos, organ, and clav sound unbelievably good for an instrument in this price range. The piano's semi-weighted action also delivers the best feel you can get without the added cost and weight of hammer action. While many digital stage pianos cram as many as 128 instruments into limited space, the ProKeys 88sx dedicates all of its memory to 7 high-quality sounds devoting extra attention to the multi-layer stereo samples of a Yamaha C7 concert grand. Piano 2 is designed to really cut through in popular music. Electric pianos are covered too, including a bright classic Yamaha DX7, a sweet Fender Rhodes, and a vintage Wurlitzer. There's also a percussive Hammond B3 and the Clavinet has funky" totally nailed. Add on-board reverb and chorus to customize your sound.Two stereo headphone jacks are perfect for private practice or teaching. The USB MIDI interface lets you record and playback on your Mac or PC without the installation of extra drivers. The 88sx is also loaded with performance controls often not found on stage pianos including pitch and mod wheels plus inputs for two footswitches and an expression pedal.If you want a pristine-sounding digital stage piano that feels great to both your fingers and your back, the ProKeys 88sx is for you.

This is just a basic guide for setting up Virtual Recording Studios, but easily enough to get you going. There's enough power in these virtual and real workhorses to create fantastic and pro sounding music - the main ingredient needed is your inspired input. Go for it!





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