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Steve Vai

Steve Vai at the Mothership Studios in Hollywood. This cool video reveals some of the thought processes used behind the track Freak Show Excess. In it he demonstrates on Pro Tools and his Gem guitar, how he came up with the intro riff and licks in the tune.

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Steve Vai Video






Steve Vai

This video demonstrates some of Steve Vai's composition and inspirational ideas, and where he gets them ... Also shows a tongue-twister for the fingers!


Steve Vai - Composition and Inspirational Ideas Video



  • Why you should listen to Bulgarian wedding music and what you can learn from it.
  • Alien time signatures, modes and phrasings
  • Pro Tools session discusses how he takes apart and puts the intro together
  • Discusses the melodic phrasing in detail
  • Why fingering the phrase in a certain way is important
  • Demonstrates a sample riff
  • A trick to help get phrase fingering under your fingers
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This is good look into the musical mind of Steve Vai and gives a good glimpse into how he puts his tunes together. There is a second part to this video and I'll try to dig it out online.





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