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Music Band Promotion #3

Promoting your band website and creating band products to sell online.

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Music Band Promotion #3

Ok we've discussed the possibilities of your own free Band Web Site in Part #1, and how you can use it to showcase the band and even sell band-products such as CD's, posters, e-zines with Cafépress and so on, and also gain an ever growing fan-base. Here's a few more excellent freebies and traffic building options, to help in your Band Exposure Plan!

Music Band Promotion #3 Traffic Exchanges

We mentioned using Traffic Exchanges and other online methods as a way to boost your visitors, and this is one effective way to get your site out there and viewed. You in return for this traffic, can just surf the TrafficExchange and look at other sites to gain your credits. There's always something interesting to see at these exchanges. Many tools are available in these programs too, for learning and promotion purposes. Options of buying credits and upgrading are also available if you're stuck for time etc. Like most things there's the good and the bad regarding these traffic boosters and here's a few really good ones - all are free to join.

  • TrafficSwarm Excellent and well established Traffic Exchange program - the original and the best!
  • Fastfreeway Good reliable stats, promo and tools.

Music Band Promotion #3 Special Traffic Booster Cases
  • ScreenBlazer Great idea .. build credits and traffic every time your screen saver kicks in - you control the timer.
  • Don't Touch My Ads Automatic traffic building credits - get credits when you stop typing!

You can find out about many of these type of band "Online Promotional Tactics" and a lot more btw, from a fellow Musican called Bob Baker. He's got some great books out on Band promotion and so on and is a real Muso's Promotion Guru - radio shows, e-zines, the works, and he's very experienced.

Well worth a look if you're interested in learning the Music Biz. Check out his excellent Guerrilla Music Marketing

Thanx 4 reading and hopefully see you "Out There..." soon.





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