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Guitars - UniGTR+++% David Guitars and Dublin to Switzerland - Flares n' Lizzy... I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but these days, after a bit of globe-trotting, I live happily in Switzerland (long story). I was too young to take part in the late 60's 'Hippy Explosion', but when the 70's came along with their flare-y statement, and along with early Glam Rock artists like Bolan and Bowie, my music love really began and hasn't stopped to this day ...

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Guitars - Playing and Teaching - Quick Musical Background

... this was accompanied by a growing interest in that six-string thingy on the new Color TV we had recently acquired, complete with coathanger antenna stuck out the window, as there was only 1 Irish station back then in the early 70's.

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Thin Lizzy Beginnings ... anyways, after a few years obsession with chart music, I finally discovered an unknown Irish band (at the time) called Thin Lizzy. Actually me big bruvver, Eddie, had gotten a loan of their first album from "The O' Connor" family who lived down the road (they had a dog called "Magillacutty-Reeks" if your interested to know).

Once I played this album over and over, much to the annoyance of other family members I'm sure - sorry ;-), I slowly but surely became hooked on the band. I think we had about 3 albums in that collection. I swear that my big sister Val bought the Barry Manilow one - just kiddin' Sis. Special thanks to Des for the many musical influences he brought into the house and collection - there still safe in 24.

The Guitar Bug

Then, thanks to this Lizzy influence and friends, especially Eric Bell - my first guitar influence, I got the Guitar Bug! To cut a long story, I started messing around with any guitars I could get my hands on, eventually got my own and joined the Rock n' Roll Circus - my first Strat (copy) aah...

I stuck at it and many set-ups later, I was eventually lucky enough to work pro in different parts of the world as a guitar-player and musician, which is still an ongoing mission.

Guitar wise I like many different players and I've learned from many different styles.

Teaching and Promotion

I also enjoy teaching the guitar and music, and over the years I've been lucky to meet and tutor students from many walks of life - aged 8 to 80, from Ireland to Spain, Australia n' Switzerland - hi y'all...

People Power!

I think it's great nowadays that we can use PCs and the Internet to promote our own music and I am working on this and my first releases soon. I've done a vast amount of research on this matter, and I've included tips I've discovered along the way, which I think you might find very useful. But who knows what you might find around this site - if I think it's a gud 'un I'll throw it in.





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