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UniGTR+++% Guitar Video

UniGTR+++ Guitar Video: Air on a 6-String - originally inspired by a piece from J.S. Bach the wonderful "Air on a G String", which I had often found myself playing on the guitar every now and then over the years. I always found something magical about this 16th Century "lick", so I took it a bit further and the composition grew.
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UniGTR+++% Guitar Video - Air on a 6-String

Guitar: Customized Fender Stratocaster
Sans Amp
Boss DS1 Distortion
Boss DD3 Delay
Hat by Gilligan


UniGTR+++% Guitar Video - Air on a 6-String Courtesy YouTube



The intro pull-off riff is taken from J.S. Bachs famous piece "Air on a G String", using the high open E-string and B for effect.
This piece uses arpeggios and scales. Arpeggios are the F Major 7 and A Minor, and the standard F.


The main scale run is a Diminished 7 type. Quite a dramatic scale.
My Bass influences are shown on the outro riffs, which is treated with a phasor and added delay - I'm a big fan :).
I added delay to the master track and a few effects where suitable.

For some reason I couldn't load the video up at YouTube without getting the famous "out of sync" on the sound and video, but with lots of different attempts I eventually got it up.

The quality is not bad but not as good as I wanted. I originally done the master as a .mov file but this had sync problems. An .avi was to big.



So I eventually managed to get a Windows .wmv uploaded. I never had loading problems before at YouTube but I had read about similar sync problems others had. Oh well.

Anyway the main idea is there :) ... hope you enjoy it. You can leave a comment on this page at Youtube - thanx, appreciated >>> UniGTR+++% Guitar Video - Air on a 6-String @ Youtube





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