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YouTube Musicians Video

You Video Musicians Video - Enter The Cookie Monster Dude! ... After all the 'serious' Jazz Muso stuff I thought it might be a good idea to respond to one of the vids with this easy listening Dixie-style Jazz video I made. Featuring a video 'collaboration' I made with our little doggie, and an original cheeky little toon he likes :).

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Steinberg Cubase 4 Studio  

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You Video Musicians Video - Enter The Cookie Monster Dude!

You Video Musicians Video - Enter The Cookie Monster Dude!




The One World Band
This is a little tune I put together a while back and is a much more "easy listening" type of Jazz tune. There's a Jazzy guitar chord progression going on along with some Jazzy soloing musicians and a backing track I programmed. I shot it around here where I live in Switzerland.
I like to work in different musical genres from Rock to Jazz and Blues and Country and Medieval Madrigals to Space Age instrumentals to ... whatever. I recommend TO aspiring guitar players to get a little recording studio going at home to pursue this. It's a great music learning tool, makes you a much stronger musician and will even help your guitar playing move forward.
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