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Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson Warm Up Exercises - - check out the warm-up exercises in this video which you can do without the guitar. Limber up and prevent potential horrendous hand and arm injuries. Improves your technique overall too.

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Guitar Lesson Warm Up Exercises

Guitar Lesson Warm Up Exercises

Stretches in arms, shoulders and Back - 10 seconds
Wrist stretch - 10 seconds
Finger massage exercise to prevent cramp
Arm and shoulder joint stretches

These exercises are great for just before a gig or practice. Not only will these exercise help prevent injury and cramp, but they also can improve your guitar playing in general. Get into the habit of doing these before a session and you'll wonder how you ever done without them.



Guitar Lesson Warm Up Exercises

Just as you wouldn't expect an athlete to enter a competition without first warming up, well the same applies to pro guitar playing.

Especially if you are playing high tech type of stuff - world player Yngvie Malmsteen had some terrible Carpel Syndrome problems in his hand which plagued his playing for ages a while back. Ok he's an extreme case of style but it gives a good example of what can happen. Best not to find out the hard way. These exercise contribute greatly to preventing this musician's potential nightmare.





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