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Guitar Power Chord

Guitar Power Chord - here we'll be looking at that famous and popular chord - The unstoppable POWER chord!

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Guitar Power Chord Diagrams
  • The letters and numbers on the notes in the diagrams, give the name of the note and standard fingering use.
  • So A1 means it's an A note played with the 1st finger.
Guitar Chord width=352 height=138
Guitar Chord Diagram - A Major

Guitar Power Chord

Ah, the trusty Guitar Power Chord. A unique electric guitar sound that powers a song. Easy to play but so effective.

A power chord is just the 1st or Root of the chord and the 5th. It's neither a major or minor chord. On the guitar an A power chord looks like this...

Guitar Chord width=352 height=138 Guitar Chord Diagram A5

The A is the root note and the E of course is the 5th. This shape is totally moveable and easily adapts itself to rock-y music and more! There are further notes available such as repeating the note A on the D string at the 7th fret and so on to give you the octave, but this simple 2 noter is the inversion I use most. This shape can be moved around quite easily and is mostly used on the low E/A and A/D strings.

A typical progression using power chords would be A5 F5 C5 G5. I'm sure you'll recognize it - from U2 to Bryan Adams to Evanescence to - sounds like ...

Music Note width=32 height=32 A5 F5 C5 G5 Power Chord Demo

Here's the chords used. Dial in a heavy over-driven or distorted sound from your amp or effects, and turn it up for full throttle! Keep those unwanted strings muted at this volume mostly with the right hand heel of palm, or all hell will break loose ;-).

Guitar Chord width=176 height=138                   Guitar Chord width=176 height=138
Guitar Chord Diagram #1 - A5                             Guitar Chord Diagram #2 -  F5






Guitar Chord width=264 height=138
Guitar Chord Diagram #3 - C5  


Guitar Chord width=264 height=138                                                
Guitar Chord Diagram - #4 G5



  • TIP To get that "chugging" sound, mute the strings your playing with the heel of your right palm. Use downstrokes only. To hear more power Guitar Chords in action, check out the new stuff from Anastacia or The Erasmus.





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