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Music Biz - Traditionally musicians have never tended to be very business minded lot in general which is funny really considering the amount of money that can be made. It's that type of business, and perhaps that's one of the most magical things about the game - the possibilities are huge. But the music biz end of things is usually dealt with by a "manager" or an agent. Today, with the advent of the trusty home computer and the Internet the goalposts have moved ... Here's a few quick ideas to get you started.

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Self-Promotion Resources to Boost Your Music Biz Career


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Guitar Players, Musicians and PC Users - Online Band Promo Plans

In my experience, there's not much good music biz and band "advice" out there on the 'Net, and really good and useful stuff is hard to find. Here's a selection of some of the better online music biz sites and helpers I found - I'm still scouting around.

An established source of music biz info - Self-Promotion Resources to Boost Your Music Biz Career by Bob Baker. Good references and track record behind this guy's work. Offers lots of experienced and solid advice.

Special Guitar Players and Musicians Message - Interested in Stardom? Try a quick read of this - for band member's, Wannabes, Musicians and the like. Tons of free music biz tips available from this source and I don't know of any other service like it online or off.

Music Biz - DIY Promo Tips
  • Make your own quality demo on your PC - Use 2/3 of your best songs on the demo - no more. See our Recording Studios for tips.
  • Spend a lot of time on the artwork and presentation as well as the obvious recording.
  • Build a website to promote the band - pass out that URL like crazy.
  • Create merchandise to sell at the gigs - see below.
  • Check out the online forums related to your type of music - inform potential fans of who you are and where your gigging.
  • Get a friend whose good at photography to shoot lots of good shots of the band and build a selective portfolio - send a few into the local papers with some bio details.
  • Build a Band Bio on the Computer - band member details and photos, interests and ambitions. Use a hard copy to impress the promoters and put in the web site.
  • Act the part!

Music Biz - Do It Yourself - Online Promotion

Here's a place I found where you can design and sell your own band and personal merchandise and accessories online. Design the gear yourself with standard templates such as t-shirts and so on and then open your own online store - all costing nada. You can sell the band merchandise with your design and/or band logo's or photos on them. To give you an idea of what I mean you can have a quick look at some of the Universal-Total-Guitar-Plus-Center Shop items I had a go at.

Following is a close up of the T-Shirt and all product images, just to give you an idea of what you can do. I designed this picture and logo on a standard software editor. You can use any image you like such as band photos and stuff like that.

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Your fans or customers can order direct from the site online (free set-up), or you can bulk-buy as many as you like (the more the cheaper as usual), and sell them at gigs or parties, MySpace ... wherever you have a fanbase.

I think it's worth a look and that this type of merchandising is becoming more popular because it's very easy to set up. If you have a following already for the band it's a great asset and a cool link to have from the group's web site - whaddya mean ya' don't have one? ;-) ... pass that URL out at the gigs.

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Here's a trick to try if your into Website promotion. This promotion program does work and all you have to do is sign up and surf for credits. There's also an option to buy credits if you don't want to surf for them yourself. Or get band members to do a halfhour surfing each a day and watch the hits come in - there's some very interesting sites to be seen this way.


Looking for a Traffic Builder for YOUR Web Site?

You could insert a Trafficswarm ad on your page, which will put your promo on 1000's of other screens like-a this...

It's a bit like swopping ad space for free.

Something like Trafficswarm could be just what your site needs, depending on your content.

Youtube + Social Sites

Use Video sites like Youtube, Revver, Metacafe, Google and many more to promote the band for nothing, or next to nothing (except time).

Use social sites like MySpace and others to create a fanbase. If you have the goods to deliver you'll get the attention here.

Follow thru with some or all these music biz ideas and plans and ... we'll see you out there. Determination and persistence are two major assets here - help to create your own band-buzz and gud luk!





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