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Online Guitar Lesson

Online Guitar Lesson - if you want to play lead guitar there are a few approaches you can take. Basically you can learn and use Scales, Modes, and/or Arpeggios. A mixture of Scales, Modes and Arpeggios can lead to some amazing soloing results.

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Online Guitar Lesson
  • Take these systems and mix them with some screamingly fast picking or sweeping techniques and we start to enter an Advanced stage.  
  • These techniques and systems can be used to play many different styles - popular categories include Shred, Metal, Jazz ... there's a lot. Some Country players have blinding speed and if you want to become adept in many advanced styles, you must be prepared (genius' aside), to put in a lot of structured and disciplined practice.
  • Famous Sweden Flyer Yngvie Malmsteen mentioned in an interview I read once that he was putting in 10 hours average practice a day - you can hear it.
  • To reach an advanced level of playing you must plan your practice sessions carefully and practice the right things.
  • Following is our UniGTR+ researched recommendation for the Electric Guitar Player aiming for these plateau. Excellent for those wanting to play Advanced Lead Guitar in any style.


Screaming Fingers!

This excellent book and CD is aimed at all the Shredders and Tech heads out there. Covers every possible technique and trick you could possibly think of. Here's an excerpt of what's involved:






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Screaming Fingers


Let me ask you this... Can you afford one hour a day, each day for 8 weeks? If so then you can improve your speed from 200% to 400%.
Imagine what would happen if you practiced one hour a day every day for 1 year using these speed picking secrets!
Even Steve Vai would have a hard time keeping up with you. This amazing book, will reveal the answers to questions you've always wanted to ask, but didn't know who to ask.  



In this book of secrets you will learn how to:  
  • Synchronize both hands
  • Build strength and speed in your picking wrist
  • Build strength and speed in your fret hand
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Build agility in both hands
  • Build dexterity in both hands
  • Play 16th notes at speeds of 200 beats per minute
  • Play 6 note triplets at speeds of 138 beats per minute
  • Develop speed bursts of 15 notes or more per second
  • Eliminate all wasted motions
  • Build impeccable timing
  • Play lightning-fast alternate picking
  • Play lightning-fast glide picking... and much more.
  • Guitar Speed Trainer
You'll literally be shredding at the speed of light when you own this book.

The great players such as:

Paco De Lucia, Jorge Strunze, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Frank Gambale, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Albert Lee, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Pass, and Steve Morse all have one thing in common: they have mastered every technique that is uncovered, revealed, and taught in this book.

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This info is aimed at the Intermediate to Advanced player. To take full advantage of it, it's best if you already know the basics and are already using standard techniques such as hammer-ons, pull offs, arpeggios, scales and so on on a regular basis. If you would like to learn and perfect these crucial methods, I would suggest to you to check out this course called Lead Guitar





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