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Musician's Free Downloads

Here's the first from a new series of media designed to move your playing fast. All media must pass strict quality control testing to reach this page. Ebooks, Software, Tools, Tracks, Top lessons from Top Music Teachers... the hunt is on! :).

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Sign up for your free (for now) Uni Musicians E-Zine In the near future this exclusive listing will be a paid only membership - now's your chance to get in for free.


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Musician's Free Downloads

These downloads include ebooks to improve musicianship, musician's tips, promotion tactics and guidelines, home studio recording software and tips, guitar trainers, keyboard enhancers, and many more quality products which can fire your musicianship and band up the ladder!


Musician's Free Downloads


Free Sparkling Keyboard Chords width=150 height=200

Sparkling Keyboard Chords!

Here's an ebook trio I've compiled of keyboard/piano lessons and tips, from Keyboards Wiz, the seriously cool Jermaine Griggs! This dynamite set of tips from  Jermaine will show you how to turn ordinary "everyday" chords into Sparkling Ear-Catchers!

Download is a simple no-strings-attached affair and you can be playing these new jazzified chords in minutes.


Here's the link - it's a standard .PDF file) Sparkling Keyboard Chords! <<< Just right click the link and choose "Save As ... " .. then choose a handy-to-find folder to save it in, or stick it on on your desktop for now.

You might want to create a special folder for these downloads - there's lots in the pipeline and at various stages, and many more waiting to be hunted down :). See Jermaine's awesome (has to be said) web site for tons more tips and lots of cool demos from the man himself .. this guy can seriously push your keyboard and piano playing ahead!

But don't just take mine and thousands of other's word for it, go see for yourself at the Hear and Play.com website. You will NOT be disappointed at the level of professionalism there. Try two more resources I've put together from Hear and Play which you can download for free below. Just right click the links and choose "Save As ... " .. then choose a handy-to-find folder to save it in, or stick it on on your desktop for now.


Musician's Free Downloads

Singing Success Ebook width=150 height=200

Singing Tips

Sorry this offer has ended. If you would like to find out more about this cool singing resource you can find out more info on the site homepage itself  here >>> Singing Success Program Includes some great free tips and a cool "On Stage Video Demo of the Amazing Singing Octave Jumper!" well worth checking out.


Musician's Free Downloads

 Check out this great link to a fab free course called the Silva UltraMind System.

Among many possibilities, I believe that this course can help your musicianship to come on in leaps and bounds! In my experience it's one of the best out there.

I've been interested in mind improvement programs for many years now, and have studied many related subjects as a hobby and so on since I was a teenager - quite a few years at this stage :). Over the years I've used and still use these techniques as a help and guide to improve my own musicianship and performance skills.

This one was a real find - btw I still have and refer to my original book from the 80s when I first heard of this system. But this modernized version complete with audio is groundbreaking.

Silva UltraMind System Course


The Unlimited You

A Free Online Training Program by Silva UltraMind

Silva Alpha Life width=135 height=135

30 minutes of audio plus a 9 chapter e-Book.

Click Here to Download Now


This course is sent to you over a 3 week program. You must have a listen to the audio at least once - it's cool. When I say to you that this program can not only help your musical performance but actually has the potential to change your life, I mean it - the final piece needed to complete this "jigsaw" is you!

Just a little of what's covered:

  • It includes the Famous 30-min Silva Centering Exercise audio - which some have called:
"The best, most thorough meditation audio that could be put together"
  • This Program will take you through 9 Guided Lessons.
  • How to Reach deep levels of Meditation within mere a 30 seconds with the Silva Centering Exercise *Audio Provided*.

Looks good eh? The link to get you going >>> Click Here to Download Now

Important Note: Never use mind relaxing audio or techniques when driving or operating machinery.


Musician's Free Downloads/Free Online Metronome + Tuner

Try this handy online metronome which is totally free to use. This music tool is a great help with rhythm as well as tempo selections. Includes a standard A440 note to tune up to, and three styles to choose from.

When you're on the page, just click on the appropriate yellow circle to choose your speed - speeds range from 40 to 208 beats per minute or bpm. Special thanks to MT for this handy tip.

Here's the link: http://www.metronomeonline.com


  Music Business 101 - Free E-book Download

All You Need To Know About The Music Industry!



Free Ebook Music Business width=63 height=94

Chapter 1 Incorporating Your Business
Chapter 2 Logo & Trademark
Chapter 3 ASCAP Publishing
Chapter 4 Making a Song
Chapter 5 Music Production
Chapter 6 Studio Equipment & Rates
Chapter 7 What is CD Mastering?
Chapter 8 Press Kits


Chapter 9 Radio Promotions
Chapter 10 Booking Agents
Chapter 11 Management
Chapter 12 Getting signed to a Record Label
Chapter 13 How Major Record Labels Operate
Chapter 14 Distribution
Chapter 15 Helpful Hints & Links

To Access Free Download - Music Business 101

Go the the Lulu site and click on Browse - enter the term "Music Business 101" (without quotation marks) into the Search For box and press Go. Follow instructions to download. Grab this free download and pick up loads of tips and info about the music business.


Please note: All e-books are standard PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or greater) to read them. It's FREE. If you do not have it installed (it's probably installed on your computer already), your PC will tell you if it's needed when you try to open the book. If so, you can Download Adobe Acrobat by clicking here









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