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Stage Fright Remedies 4

Stage Fright Remedies - Our last few tips will round up this little series and now you must combine them all for maximum benefit - good luck out there. Missed the first installment? Have a quick look at Stage Fright Remedies #1

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Stage Fright Remedies #4

Stage Fright Remedies #4 - The Gig... Into Performance Mode

A good strategy is to turn up early and allow plenty of time to set up your gear, and do a good sound check - this is VITAL! If you're comfortable with the sound and once again you know what to expect, it's half the battle.

Have a laugh with the band or a few friends before you go on - many seasoned Irish muso's reckon a pint helps matters ;-).

Ok a few deep breaths before you go on... relax... you know your stuff... no problem.


Gig Tip: When you start to play your first few songs, concentrate on your vocal sound, the music, and/or your instrument, or some aspect of your performance such as a dance rhythm. This helps you slip into "performance mode". All performers take a little while to get into it.

After a song or two you'll be "In the Zone"...

Being prepared by following these guidelines will help fight against those parts of the gig that are under your control, and as we mentioned - "The less you have to worry about, the more relaxed you'll be on stage".

A great book that deals with these performance and "nerves" problems, is our article's Featured Resource The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green and W. Timothy Gallwey. It's a recognized work on the subject and I and many others found it very useful - still do, har-har.

You keep your part of the bargain and your subconscious friend will look after you at the gig - promise .-) ... oh and "break a leg".





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