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Stage Fright Remedies

Stage Fright Remedies In this 4-part article, we look at some very useful ways to fight off the dreaded stage-fright or performance nerves. Preparation is half the battle to combat these troublesome butterflies, and a great place to start with is you! These principles apply to guitar players, singers, kazoo-experimentalists ... in fact performers of any persuasion. Like many skills, stage performance gets easier with practice and familiarity.

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Stage Fright Remedies #1 Learn Your Stuff

Let's start at the fundamentals shall we. The most important stage to defeat these stage fright nerves is at the preliminary learning stages.

In other words make sure you know the material that you'll be performing on the night inside out. It's best to learn, memorize and practice songs and lyrics over a few weeks, as this allows the information to become "set" in your subconscious mind.

This means you can eventually do the song "in your sleep" as they say. If you are learning more than one song, use these methods on a song rotation basis.

Trying to cram a song into your head a few hours before the gig is best left to the more experienced performer who has learnt how to learn and memorize songs quickly, and can work unnoticed from stage notes and so on.

Practice running through the lyrics in your head from start to finish until you can sing them like one of your fave songs which you know for years, without thinking about what line is next.

Stage Fright Remedies - DAILY Practice is the Key!

Some songs take longer than others to get to this auto-pilot stage, and beginners will learn to know when a song is ready to perform.

Keep this under control by persisting in DAILY practice, and you can overcome this part of the problem and perform with confidence, knowing that you have done your homework.

  • Song Learning Tip To help "set" a song into your head, practice regularly going over the music and lyrics away from your instrument.
  • Song Learning Tip Use notes at first and slowly move away from these as you progress. Allow yourself lots of time to learn the song inside out before you first gig it.

If you need to use notes for a song at a live gig, make sure to write them out in heavy marker. It's a good idea to have a folder with all your stage songs, notes and chords in it. You can build it up as you go adding new songs to it over time.

  • Song Learning Tip After the first performance, a song will be a lot easier the next time to do.

This is just one of the stage fright remedies you can start with and use to help fight those butterflies - leave no room for error and you'll find that half of those those nerves and performance worries will automatically and "magically" be dealt with. Onto the next stage we go ... hi-ho, hi-ho ... Stage Fright Remedies 2





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